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You've happened upon a place filled with animals so cute and furry (or not) that they can brighten anyone's day. Their stories are often touching or inspirational and are sure to make you realize how important the animals in your lives are. Enjoy!

If you're looking for something a little more real and down to earth, then stay and read about the life of a lesbian couple with 14 furry and scaly kids who are just trying to make it through life's craziness together. It has its ups and downs and twists and turns but one thing's for sure: it's never boring!

Squeeze Please

Hey everyone! Today has been an extremely lazy day, and I’m starting to feel bad about it. We woke up at close to 11! Since then there has been absolutely no packing or cleaning, either. Nikki’s being good and making a new Wordpress theme. It’s giving her a bit of trouble with the coding, but she’s a genius so I know she’ll get it soon. And it’s really cool looking! I, on the other hand, have just been trying to find ways to get my blog out there, like by joining NaBloPoMo (I know I didn’t do it right) and linking to other pet blogs. I’ve actually found some pretty cool ones, so you should check them out. Some are mostly cute daily pictures but others have resources and charity information and cool stuff like that. You might find something you like. Just promise to stay here too! ^_-

So, onto the last kid that currently lives with us. She also happens to share the title of “newest”. Now, she’s not exactly the kind of kid that I’d get by myself but Nikki wanted her so we got her. Why did I not leap at the chance myself? Well, I have a silly little fear about snakes. Lucky for me, this is a ball python we’re talking about, and they are darn cute! Actually, this one is downright beautiful!



Just look at her colors! She has a pretty golden color and it’s cool how the stripe down her back is unbroken for parts up towards her head. Kendi has a pretty interesting story, too. So remember how I was talking about getting Chunky on my birthday weekend? And how Nikki was particularly fond of a certain ball python? Well, this is her! So Nikki was looking at her for nearly an hour and I told her she should go ahead and get the snake but she kept saying no. We finally left the pet store and went to Barnes & Noble and looked at books (we love going to the bookstore!) but the entire time we were there I kept telling her (and the others) that they should go get the snake. Well, we ran out of time because we had to go pick up our roommate’s friend who had come in on the bus. So we went home empty handed. That night I kept bothering Nikki about the snake because I knew how much she wanted it. She told me that she had wanted a snake since as long as she could remember (even longer than she’d wanted a tablet – which I got her for her birthday this year). Lauren and LS also wanted a snake. So yeah, I bothered her non-stop and the next morning when she told me she’d dreamed of her, there was no question. I piled us back into the car and we drove the hour and some it takes to get to Duluth. We got to Petco and Nikki ran to the back but she wasn’t sure which one was the one she liked. We were both looking but nothing clicked. We had an employee come over and he started pulling apart this massive snake pile in the corner of the display case. Suddenly, there she was! We just knew it! It was the one Nikki had fallen in love with the day before. We bought her (as well as took Chunky) and drove home. Nikki couldn’t resist it and held Kendi on part of the drive home.

She Was So Happy!

She Was So Happy!

That night we also stayed up til late going to Walmart to buy items to fix up Kendi’s tank. It’s not the most beautiful thing ever with makeshift hides made from tupperware and macaroni boxes but she doesn’t seem to mind. And of course, once we have more money, our kids come first and she will get an upgrade. Anyway, Nikki did a ton of research to find the right name and she eventually settled upon “Kendi” which means “the loved one” in some African dialect (can’t remember which, sorry). She had some problems with feeding her at first but she’s had many successful feeds for a couple months now so everything is all good. I watched Nikki feed Kendi once because she was so excited when she finally got her to eat but in general I just stay away when she’s feeding her. So yeah, there you have it.  The last of the kids that live with us. They’re a handful but, come on, aren’t they just perfect?