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Lord of the Birds

Hey everyone. I’m not here today. Haha. What I mean is that I’m not able to get on the computer today because Nikki and I are taking some time off as she said. But I’ve thought about doing this before and so I’m going to try this coolness out where I’m hoping this will be posting itself. Did it work? ^_- Maybe these days will be your favorite since you won’t have to read about my day to day life. If you like that kinda stuff, don’t worry. I expect to post again for real on Sunday and I’ll let you know all about the cool weekend we had. Yeah.

Now, everyone, I’d like to introduce you to Baracho:

Beautiful, Isnt He?

Beautiful, Isn't He?

Baracho is a red-lored amazon. I wish the picture quality was better but this was taken in a dark room with my old video camera/camera which has no flash so all of those pictures are pretty poor. Still, fixing it up allowed his colors to show. Baracho was a bird that my dad and I rescued two summers ago. My dad was in his back yard with Baby, his pit bull, when I heard him shouting. A big parrot had flown down and Baby had jumped up an chomped on it. He managed to get Baby to stop and we captured the little guy in a towel and brought him around to different vets. It turned out that his wing was broken so we got him all fixed up and then took him home with us. We set up his cage with lots of fun toys and fed him peppers out of my dad’s garden (as is evidenced by the picture above). He was pretty skittish and it didn’t help things that we had to shoot medicine down his throat a couple times a day but by the end we were pretty good at it and he was starting to let us scratch his neck and all that. I even got him to whistle at me. It was so cool! We had checked the missing bird reports around town and found nothing so we were hoping we’d get to keep him. Unfortunately, it turned out that he belonged to the neighbors. It was kinda crappy because the vets thought that by the way he looked he’d been missing for months but it turned out that he’d only been missing for 2 weeks. What’s that say about the care he got? Yeah. Blah. So after they paid us (and my dad made sure they knew he had to go back to the vet for his wing) we had no more pretty amazon in our kitchen. For a more in depth story, you can see my LJ post about it here.

Maybe someday Nikki and I will have a bird. Or maybe my dad will. He’s wanted to start a business raising African Greys for a long time now and I’m hoping that if he ever does it, he might slip in a few red-lored amazons too. They are seriously the prettiest parrots I’ve seen, and I think they’re all beautiful! I love birds, too. I made friends with my brother’s parrot Jackson and she’s really skittish around everyone so I think I’m good with birds too. I mean, I haven’t held her or anything but I got her to take food from me within a few hours and she hardly ever does that with anyone else. Anyway, I digress. I love birds and I hope to have more in my life at some point.

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