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If you're looking for something a little more real and down to earth, then stay and read about the life of a lesbian couple with 14 furry and scaly kids who are just trying to make it through life's craziness together. It has its ups and downs and twists and turns but one thing's for sure: it's never boring!

Santa Pup

I know, I had plenty of time to post today and awesome things happened today (I finished my psychology degree!) but since we got less than 3 hours of sleep and I worked hard at work (imagine that!) so I didn’t feel up to writing anything. I’m tired and I hurt. But here is a photo I took of Spunky last Friday.

Ho Ho Ho! That Treat Was Good!

Mmm, Cookies and Milk!

He was pretending to be Santa. And what a cute one he makes too! Good night all!

Also, I say this post counts as being written on December 15 because it started then and I’m not asleep yet so the day hasn’t changed. ^_^

No Time!

Sorry guys. Absolutely no time to update today. I thought I would have time for a break but I don’t. Writing my paper is going extremely slow and I still haven’t started my powerpoint for my presentation at 9:45 tomorrow morning. Wish me luck. I hope I can pull this off. A failure here would be devastating! Here’s a pretty picture for you.

Ash & Merlin

Me and Merlin Cuddling Today


I am way too tired to write a real post. We went to bed around 3 last night because we were too tired to function. Then it was up at 8 and we packed from then until 5. It was super crazy. My dad showed up at like 10 and then he left at 5. And besides one short break for some KFC, it was pack, pack, pack. We tried to stay organized but we still ended up sending about 5 boxes o’ stuff. *big sigh* It sucked that my dad had to leave so quickly because of some supposed blizzard coming in. We wouldn’t have been as rushed and had planned a nice dinner of tilapia. Oh well. We’ll see him and tons of family soon. So yeah, packing was crap. I just hope we got enough out because all we have left now to move everything is 2 cars and a van. Yeah, we’re probably screwed.  After he left we ate food and watched lots of House. Now we need to do the ferrets and then probably bed.

Pretty Kitten!

Pretty Kitten

Red Alert, Red Alert!

So tonight is going to be absolutely crazy! My dad comes tomorrow. Early tomorrow. Like he’s leaving tonight instead of tomorrow morning and I really hope he’s going to be safe. He’s worried about a supposed blizzard that might be coming tomorrow. And, since Nikki doesn’t understand the passage of time, we have next to nothing packed. I thought we were being good and now we’re in need of a serious stroke of good luck. I don’t think we plan on sleeping tonight. Yeah, no time. We have to pack computers, movies, books, clothes, figurines, animal stuffs, bathroom stuffs, pots and pans, art supplies, board games, toys, desk type things, papers, and art. Umm, hopefully that list will actually help us when it comes to staying organized. Man we have tons to do.

Other than packing, we need to worry about getting the landlord to send us the adendum because so far he has decided not to get back to us. I can’t wait to get away from that useless jerk. Then I have to hope my car gets done. All the parts were supposed to arrive last Wednesday but the fender didn’t show up. Yeah, the one piece they need to get started. It was supposed to come in the next day on a speedy shipment and it didn’t. If this gets screwed up, our Christmas is ruined. I also have to come up with like $200 for my traffic citation because even though I’m not guilty and pleaded so, they told me that I have a court date on Janurary 12. Great, I’m not going to be here! It pisses me off. It’s not my car therefore it cannot be my fault that it’s not up to date on it’s registration! Yeah, it sucks.

NO TIME! ACK! Gotta run, gotta pack, HELP!

The Girls! Look At the Clarity!

The Girls! Look at Those Details!

Wish us luck!

The Joys of Ferret Medicine

Ah yes, ferret medicine. It is one of those things that just makes you sit back and recall a special time from long ago involving a roaring fire and much merriment. Ha! Or not! I repeat, I would much rather give Drake a shot twice a day than to be shooting liquid antibiotics down his throat. However, since I must, I feel like I should share my experiences with you in case you ever find yourself in a similar situation. The first time we tried giving it to him it was just straight antibiotic and he foamed and spat and shook his head and pretty much didn’t get any of it down. That night we tried sucking up a bit of honey into the syringe with it but I didn’t want to use much at all since ferrets cannot tolerate sugar very well. That didn’t go over very well either. More foaming and spitting up. Still, it was better than straight up bitterness. The next day we tried sucking some ferretvite up into the syringe with it because Drake loves ferretvite – all of my ferrets always have. I figured it had a strong flavor that he enjoyed and I didn’t have to worry about giving him too much. It worked okay but he could still taste the antibiotics and still drooled quite a bit of it out. Blah. Finally, yesterday, I decided to try just feeding him the ferretvite and then sneaking bits of the meds into the back of his mouth while he’s swallowing the nummy stuff. Of course, he realizes this and tries to spit it back up but if I can get him to start lapping up the ferretvite fast enough, he gets distracted and keeps it down. This is by far the most effective way we’ve come across to get the meds down him. So there, if you ever have a ferret that requires antibiotics, give it a try. Who knows, maybe you could transfer this knowledge to other animals. We’ll see a little later on when I give dewormer to all the different furry kids (minus the rats). As for the ear mites, Drake definitely has them worse than Nate and he’s definitely a bigger baby about them too. We can just barely scruff Nate and clean out his ears with cotton swabs and then drop in the drops and he doesn’t like it but it’s no real fight. Trouble, on the other hand, squirms and makes his unhappy little noises and tries to kick us away with his back feet and tries to push us away with his front ones. And he’s got less scruff to grab so it’s really hard to do him. Plus, on top of all of that, he’s got extra hairy ears which, trust me, makes it extremely difficult to get one little drop of Tresaderm into an ear canal the size of, well, a ferret’s ear canal. Wish us luck that all of this medicine is making our boy better – both of them, actually.

And now for some pictures from our new camera! I think I’ll show one kid per day, just to stretch it out and make choosing what picture to post over the next few, very busy days. But today I’ll show you a nice landscape picture too because it’s pretty!

Handsome Boy!

Handsome Boy

Sunset Over Reeds

Sunset Over Wetlands

Do you see the detail in that picture of Zane? Look at his eyes and his whiskers! You can see every hair! That’s amazing, don’t you think?

Oh, and last night Nikki honked my butt cheek. Not kidding. She was helping me look for my little pillow in the dark, reached down, and honked my butt. We then proceeded to laugh about it for 5 minutes. What a good way to go to sleep. Just thought you guys might enjoy that little tidbit of information.

Have a good night, everyone! We need to pack! Deadline is in 2 days! Ack!

Nikons and Dog Noses

Last night was long and boring. I tried doing all the research for my paper which I absolutely hate. Didn’t end up finding much since Nikki and I both spent about an hour trying to figure out if Science was paginated by volume or by issue. Did you know that there even was such a thing as different styles of pagination? Did you know that APA citations are different depending on the type of pagination? I know, I wish I didn’t know either. How dull is that? And yet it’s up there, wasting space in my head. I suppose, though, that since I also have most of the songs logged away in there too, I shouldn’t really be complaining. “F-r-e-e that spells free, credit report dot com, baby!” Anyway, I digress. So last night Nikki stayed up late helping me but still went to bed before me. Well when I finally got to bed I decided to wake her up with a barage of questions about her snake and then decide to let her sleep again. Only that doesn’t last long because I once again realize that my carabiner is missing and it upsets me. See, my carabiner is my good luck. I found it when I was on a summer trip in Colorado and while I could never use it for climbing since I don’t know if it was dropped, it has actually become part of my wardrobe. That’s right, it resides clipped to my pocket and it has very seriously been there since my sophomore year of high school. I really do think of it as my good luck so now maybe you’ll understand why I was so upset that it had been missing for going on a month now. I don’t know why it got to me so bad last night at around 1 in the morning, but it did so up I got to look. Poor Nikki woke up and tried to help me find it. Through some looking back on when I thought I’d lost it (around the time of the drag show) I finally managed to locate it in the pocket of my khakis which I had never checked because I forgot they existed. Now why did I tell you this story? I don’t know, because it’s important to me. And because I was keeping Nikki up in the wee hours of the morning before she went and took her final this morning at 8 am. Oops. Sorry baby!

Anyway, I was going to tell you about our adventures in ferret medicine but since I took up so much space blabbing about my carabiner, I’ll save that for tomorrow. Suffice it to say that I would so much rather give a ferret a shot than try and shoot even 0.5 mL of bitter tasting medicine down his throat twice a day. And today is only the third day out of 14. Joy.

Right before work I decided to pull out and play with our new camera. We were both so excited as I took out the 18-55 mm lens and clicked it into place, slid the battery into place and configured the clock on the camera for the very first time! Then in went the memory card and it was pure excitment. Heh, LS read the rather lame directions every step of the way – did you know when you take a picture you should take a stance with one leg slightly in front of the other and then push the little button to make it take the picture? Amazing! *shakes head* Anyway, it was so cool. Okay, the first pictures we took will never be seen by anyone because a Nikon is not made to take self portraits by holding the camera out at arms length. Yeah, I won’t even describe how awkward we looked. BUT! The next picture I took was of Spunky, then Akima, and Zane, and Merlin. I was so amazed at how sharp these automatic everything pictures were turning out that I ran about like some giddy little schoolgirl snapping off shots of everyone. Oh man do I love this camera!

I then took it to work where my first big panic-attack-that-can-only-come-from-a-brand-new-expensive-toy occurred. See, I was going around and taking pictures of the dogs when I had time because I want great pictures of all these great dogs that I’m going to miss so much. At first I was doing awesome and got a bunch of pictures from the playroom dogs without any mishaps. Oh man did I get some good ones! But then when I was trying to get a picture of this beautiful, old German Shepherd owned by a co-worker, he turned his head suddenly and slimed my lens with his nose! Oh no! I like tried to wipe it off but it was too gooey and then I ran into the back to try and call Nikki because I was so worried I had just ruined my new pretty. Of course, I was overreacting, but wouldn’t you? She called me back and I cried at her (not literally) about how I had already messed it up and she said she didn’t know what to do. But my baby is such a sweetheart, you wanna know what she did? I was in the back wiping down the cabins when she appeared around the corner with lunch, a drink and the lens cleaning kit! Isn’t she the best? The only problem is that the solution sucks. It leaves streaky residue on the lens. More sadness. It’s okay, though, because we tested it and it doesn’t even show up on the pictures I take. *happy dance*

After Nikki left I sat at work alone and actually worked on my paper. I got 2 pages worth of introduction done, too! Yes! Go me! It still needs work mainly because I didn’t cite anything. Yeah, I’m doing it all backwards. I wrote what I want to put based on the knowledge I already have since I just pick up random tidbits of everything and now I have to go out and find places that say those things so I can cite them as my sources. *raised eyebrow* Yeah, that’s just how I roll. My parents helped me find a bunch of articles though since they have access to the DuPaul and Harvard databases so hopefully I can get that done tomorrow. Then I have the conclusion. One step at a time. I can do this.

After work Nikki took me to Walmart so we could get new cleaning solution for my lens. Walmart didn’t appear to have any but after much searching high and low (and around and around the same small section of store) we found a pen type deal that has a retractable brush, a spray top and a nice cloth that won’t leave fuzz all over the lens like the crap thing I got with the camera. It made me happy because I saw one when I was researching our camera and thought it was cool. It’s like spy gear for my Nikon! Dun dun dundun dun dun! Okay, I’ll stop there. After that we came back, stuffed ourselves with all sorts of good food and digested over an episode of Charmed. Now we need to do the whole ferret thing and then I need a shower and Nikki needs sleep. So much for packing – and my dad is going to be here in 3 days! >_< Good night all!

. . .

. . .

. . .

You thought I was going to forget your cute thing, right? Nope. It’s Wednesday, too! Here’s your video!

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

*dances around in her chair to the Kool & the Gang song in her head*

So today is an absolutely marvelous day! You know, that’s a really funny word. Anyway! You want to know how my day began? Well, I was woken up at (*checks phone*) 8:03 this morning by a phone call from the president of Northland College. You want to know what she told me? She said that she was very proud of me for sticking with my capstone even through all the adversity surrounding it. Don’t know the story? Here’s a brief synopsis: no matter how hard I tried to find a way to get my capstone done and change my psychology minor to a major, the school blocked me somehow. First it was the teacher, then the dean then it was the registrar telling me to pay for the class for a third time which would have come to a whopping $1300! Obviously I don’t have that, but I’ve been working with the teacher and completed my experiment on the dogs at work in the hopes that I could find a way to get the class paid for. That’s pretty much the story thus far (though with tons of ups and downs thrown all around in there). So she tells me she’s proud of me and – THAT SHE’S GOING TO WAIVE THE COURSE FEE FOR ME! So all I have to do is kick myself into gear, get my paper written, make a powerpoint and poster and present on Friday and I will have completed my undergraduate education! YES! So I can not screw this up. I need to get to work on finishing my paper and fast! I can do it! And isn’t that an amazing way to wake up? I thought so!

Onto the next super awesome, amazing thing of the day: WE FOUND SOMEONE TO SUBLET THE ENTIRE APARTMENT!!! That’s right, the day after that woman said she couldn’t and Nikki was crying because she was so upset – we got someone to take it for sure! You want to know who? My boss! Seriously! I walked into work and started chatting about how the woman we thought was going to take the place called and said she wouldn’t so we didn’t know what we were going to do. My boss casually asked some questions about the place and then said that if the people that came to look at it tonight didn’t want it that maybe she would take a look at it. I told her she could look at it whenever she wanted because we have no idea how long it would take them to make a decision. So then I go in the back and clean a bit and then I come back out and she asks if we can go look at it right then! I semi-panicked because Nikki had planned on getting off work a little early to clean for the people coming at 7. That, of course, meant that the house was pretty much a total mess. I asked her if she could look beyond the mess and she said she could so off we went! Man, I was so worried she was going to take one look at the piles of crap and leave but she looked through everything, asked questions and just like that we were headed back to work. I told her some about our utilities and cable and then we sat in silence for a bit. Then she said “Well. . . I’ll take it.” And I just stared at her for a moment and was like “Really?” And she said YES!!! I wanted to just squiggle and squirm in my seat! When we got back I asked her again if she was sure and she assured me that she was! So I ran into the back and called Nikki right away. Now I’m the sneaky sort so I just nonchalantly told her that she should message the people coming to see the house and tell them not to come. She said “what?” and I repeated myself and said there was no need for them to come. Another, trying-oh-so-hard-not-to-get-excited question of “why?” “Because Cyndi’s taking it!” So then Nikki was off crying again but this time it was because she was so happy! Just like that we had our apartment problem solved! I was so happy that I went around and did a ton of cleaning today!

So you know how trouble comes in threes? Well I’m guessing that blessings do too because we had one more really happy thing happen today – MY CAMERA CAME! I checked the tracking at work and found out it had been delivered so I called Nikki and she rushed over there to pick it up before the post office closed. Then when we got back home I rushed right to the box and we unpacked everything right then and there in the middle of the living room floor. Nikki took a video of me opening everything and oh man – it is BEAUTIFUL!

My Nikon D80!

My Nikon D80!

It’s so perfect and shiny and black. And the lenses are amazing and my hard case looks so professional and, and, it’s just awesome! I am SO happy! I got an amazing package and an amazing deal too!

Look How Much I Got In My Package!

Look How Much I Got In My Package!

I was feeling bad about the money I spent on it but now that I can look at it it just makes me beam with pride. I love getting new gadgets and this one is so cool and can be the beginning of something big for me and my family! If I can get this pet photography thing going, it could help so much with our dreams of taking care of our family and taking care of the world as a whole (as much as we can).

So that was my day! My wonderfully positive day. Now it’s time for all of your dreams to come true! It can happen. We still have a ton of work to get done in a very short amount of time but we just have to keep plugging away and we’ll get it all done somehow. You can do it too! Just stick to it! And since you all have been so supportive of us during this difficult time, I hope you know that we’ll be here to send you good thoughts and be someone to listen to your problems and try and give you inspiration. Really, we’re here for you!

If Looks Could Kill. . .

If Looks Could Kill. . .

Haha, this is from the other night when we picked up boxes that turned out to be quite large. Heh, so we had to shove them in back and they took up pretty much the entire seat so Spunky was squashed against the other side. He pouted so bad! And after this picture I tried to get a picture from the other side but he refused to look at the camera because he was so indignant. Man, what a hilarious pup! Good night everyone! I hope something good happens to you very soon!

Big Relief, Big Letdown

Today has been up and down and up and down. I think that’s the rhythm of my life – actually, everyone’s life – but perhaps the two don’t come in such rapid succession. This morning I got up and went into the living room and was going to work on my paper. Well, that didn’t happen because I went over to check on Drake and there was explosive diarrhea on the floor by their cage because he had overshot it. I cleaned it up as best I could and then pulled him out to check on him and he drooled a bit which I had read was not a good sign when combined with other symptoms. So I put him back and do more searching online and read things about how since ferrets are so small they can dehydrate very quickly and it can be a major problem. So I start to worry again and call the vet to see when the next appointment would be. Well, it was today at 10:30. I kind of wish it had been tomorrow or the next day because then I would have had more time to think about it. I called my mom and a co-worker of mine and they both said I should just try to rehydrate him with chicken noodle soup or pedialyte. Then in a few days I could see if he needed to go in or not. Well, Nikki came home and I told her I wanted to take him then changed my mind then changed it back again. I was so worried about spending even more money and I knew that the were going to gouge us with the prices because that’s how the damn vets work up here. The only cheap one doesn’t take new patients – awesome. Everyone I know is at the cheap place but me, even though I have tried more than once to get in. So I’m worried about money but I’m also worried about Drake. I can NOT lose another ferret right now. Not any kid, obviously, but Jingles’ death is still too close and too painful for me to even bear the thought of losing Drake. Not that I think he’s on death’s door, of course, but I’m certainly more prone to overreact right now. So both of us went back and forth for a bit then decided to just go and jumped in the car and went. This meant that I was going to have to be late for work but they knew so it was okay. So we get there and tell the vet everything we know and she takes a stool sample, an ear gunk sample and palpates his abdomen. She tells us his left kidney feels enlarged. Why? Please not something serious! Then she leaves and we sit there for 20 minutes before she comes back in. Right away she says “it’s all good news”. My heart jumped and I instantly felt better, even though I know there is still more to worry about. It turns out our poor boy has Giardia. How insane is that? He also has ear mites. I have NO idea how he can have ear mites because all the other animals seem to be fine. Still, we have enough Tresaderm to treat all the animals so we’re going to do it. Actually, as I think of it right now, Spunky has been itching his ears a lot more than usual lately but I cleaned them maybe last week and he didn’t have the typical dark, crusty stuff that is generally associated with ear mites. Maybe that was just the beginning of the infestation? As for the Giardia, Drake is on antibiotics twice a day for 14 days – as if we didn’t have enough to do for the next 2 weeks. It makes me feel so much better that it’s something we can treat, though. Like Leigh suggested in her comment to Nikki’s blog, we’re going to be watching Nate but he hasn’t been showing any signs of sickness at all. If he is sick, all it costs for the antibiotics is $6! But I’m thinking he’s going to be fine because he’s younger and healthier and apparently most animals can tolerate some Giardia in their system without it being a problem. I’m guessing Drake’s immune system just dropped (he doesn’t tolerate winters and the stuffy house that accompanies it well) and allowed the protozoa to get out of hand. So all in all this is good news but we still have the mass around his kidney to worry about. She wasn’t able to tell if it was the kidney, something in his intestine or some sort of foreign body. I’m not sure how Drake could have eaten something because he stays in the room with us and he’s only ever drug things around the room, not tried to eat them. I’m hoping we can hold out on getting that looked at until we’re out of here – whenever that may be. While we were there I also mentioned the lump on Spunky’s lip, hoping she would just look at it and she did. She thinks it’s probably mouth warts, too so that’s a relief. We’ll see how it develops over the next few weeks and I’ll keep you updated. So we get out of there after spending $130. Yeah – panic mode again. I have second guessed myself so many times today I can’t even begin to guess at the number. Okay, now don’t think I’m a horrible mother – of course Drake’s health matters to me – but I’m stuck with the stress of needing to make sure I have enough money to care for my ENTIRE family, which is a huge responsibility. I know people may get mad at me and say I shouldn’t have pets that I can’t afford to pay for but I usually take very good care of them. It’s just harder when money is tight and they all seem to be getting sick at once. It happens to people with human children too, right? Anyway, the reason I was second guessing everything is because I know that they overcharged me for everything so it kinda makes you mad, you know? Taking care of people and their kids shouldn’t be a business! Why do people even become doctors or vets if they care about money more than the lives of their patients? It’s such a screwed up system! *ends rant* Anyway, we spent $130 *cringe* and then went to my work about an hour late. At work we gave Drake his first dose of the bitter antiobiotics which he mostly coughed up and splattered all over Nikki. Tonight we’re going to mix something tasty in with it to make him more likely to swallow it all. So there’s the end of that story.

Work went pretty smoothly. I found the time to work on the results section of my paper and I think I’m pretty close to having it done. Then I really need to work on the introduction (my least favorite) because Nikki needs to return the library book she borrowed for me. *sigh* We’ll see if I can somehow get that done tonight. I’m supposed to send my paper to my dad and aunt to have them look it over. I also want to talk to my professor about the specifics of the t-test he ran because I don’t know exactly what to say about the p-value and all that crap. I took statistics and did okay in it but I can’t remember any of it. I hate math. Anyway, today there are no dogs boarding for the night and so far there aren’t any for tomorrow either. So I may not be working on Wednesday, which I don’t like because we need money but it would be nice to have that day to cram in any last minute paper writing and to continue getting our house packed.

Anyway, we came home, opened the ferret food that FINALLY arrived, then went to go get boxes at the school. Then we were going around doing last minute house fixing up type things when the woman called. Nikki’s face dropped and her voice quivered and I knew. We’re back to having no one interested in the house. I guess she can’t afford to live here alone. Nikki went off and cried and I just sat here being numb and trying not to let it bother me. Maybe we’re just not supposed to leave here. The thought makes me really sad because I really want to leave. I was talking to my grandma yesterday about all the fun stuff we’re going to do together when we get there. Now maybe that won’t be happening. We are so looking forward to this and I don’t know how to handle the fact that we could be stuck here in the cold, dark winter for months to come. I don’t see how we can find someone at this point. Any college kids would already have contacted us because they’re all leaving this week. I don’t know what other type of people would be interested. I try to tell myself that it’s my fault for believing that our housemate would hold up her end of the bargain. I should have known better. I guess we were wrong for not looking sooner because she kept telling us she didn’t want to live with strangers. I tell myself it’s my fault because otherwise the anger will overtake me again and I don’t need to add that to my list of reasons why I probably have high blood pressure at this point. I’m trying to roll with the punches. I’m trying to stay positive. If we have to stay here then there must be a reason. I don’t know what it could be but I have to believe that things happen for a reason. I want to go home. I really do. If I thought about it enough I bet I could burst into tears and cry for a good, long while. But I’m not going to. I’m going to be the strong person that my family relies on. I have to be. I want to be. I will take care of my family no matter what happens because they are my world. I just wish I could have my dreams too.

After all of that, I know you’re needing a good, cute picture. And I just took some perfect ones while writing this post. You know how much the kids mean to me and Nikki but this shows just how much they mean to one another as well.

Aww, Cute Boys Sleeping!

Aww, Cute Boys Sleeping!

Merlin Loves Sleeping With His Spunky!

Merlin Loves Sleeping With His Spunky!

I hope those pictures made you smile! The sight certainly made me feel better.

Our Big Scare

Today was. . . okay. Good and bad. You know, like most days. We woke up around 10:30 but lounged in bed until 11. I like being lazy again. And lots of the sleep is very good. So yeah, we didn’t do much cleaning or packing before 2. We got distracted thinking about the dinners we were going to have for the next week. Nikki joined this site that helps you eat healthy and stuff so she was throwing out ideas and I just pretty much agreed that it all sounded good. I hope these meals help and make us healthier! Anyway, we tried to eat a good breakfast and then I packed some of Nikki’s pottery. The rest I still have to find a good box for. We pretty much just straightened and cleaned litter and such to make the place look as nice as possible. We started watching Happy Gilmore and waited for the people to show up. They were late and it didn’t seem like they were showing again so Nikki called them and they said they were coming.

Then we had a scare. Nikki told me to look at Drake because he was throwing up. I looked at him and he was gagging and puking up the cat food he’d just eaten. I know ferrets aren’t supposed to have cat food because there isn’t enough protein in it but that’s basically just long term problems. I ordered my ferret food a long time ago but it hasn’t arrived yet and we ran out of the Walmart food so I thought it would be okay to give them cat food for a day or two until their real food gets here. Well then here’s Drake throwing it all up and then he looked really woozy. It really freaked me out because he’s gagged before when he got some food stuck in his throat (or to the roof of his mouth) but he’s never really thrown up. The only ferrets I’ve had do that before were dying. So I pulled him out and he was SO lethargic and was almost limp in my hands. I was panicking big time, and as I’ve said before, I’m not much of one to panic. I held him and Nikki looked at him and I tried giving him a banana chip (they love the things) but he didn’t want one. I then offered him some ferretvite which he took so that made me feel a little better. Then Nikki suggested I put him down and I did and he started crawling along his belly like his legs wouldn’t work. At that point I was about ready to burst into tears and wanted to call my mom to cry to her but the people were coming so I stopped myself from doing it. But I was truly terrified. I’m not ready to lose another ferret. Drake is my boy. I’ve had him longer than any of the other animals I have currently. It was scary. There’s no other way to describe it. After a bit he started running around and then he’s been acting normal since. I gave him a banana chip and he took and ate it. Right now he’s running around the living room with Nate and they’re chasing Merlin and playing in their tunnel toy thing. Just right as I was writing this, though, Drake looked like he gagged a little and was drooling a bit. Please let our boy be okay. We just need to get the hell outta this stupid house with the mold and out of Ashland in general. I can’t stand it here anymore. I want out NOW!

So the people finally showed up and the guy was nice. The woman is clearly socially awkward but it really wasn’t that bad. They looked around, thought it looked nice, liked Spunky and thought the ferrets were cool. The guy really seemed to like the whole place. The woman was super excited (well, as much as she could be) about the huge basement because right now she has to rent a storage unit for her stuff. So we’re hopeful. We answered all of their questions and we were all friendly so I think it helped. The woman called a little bit after they left and asked to see the place again so she’s coming tomorrow night at 7. I’m hoping that’s a good sign. If you knew you didn’t want a place, why would you go back, right? Wish us luck!

After that we went to Walmart to get food stuffs for our meals this week and ferret food for the boys since I’m NOT going to risk giving Drake any more cat food. It started snowing when we went and it’s cold and it’s nasty. Okay, on the way back it was a nice, fluffy snow which was pretty – but still cold. But it gave me a thought that I told to Nikki but I think it’s something I should post here. See, we know that every single snowflake ever is completely unique. There are none other like it in the world – never have been and never will be. But do we really thinkk about that most of the time? No. We just brush them off of our car like they’re nothing but a nuisance. I wonder what other special things we take for granted as humans. I’d guess a lot. And that’s sad. We should all learn to stop and take in just how amazing our world is. Of course, that does not mean that I don’t still want out of this cold weather. So much for waxing philosophical, huh?

Anyway, when we got back we had lunch (at 4 something) then worked on packing. I realized that I hadn’t completed many of my goals for the day so I packed our medical supply type things and then we went and worked in the bedroom and packed up a whole bunch of clothes. I just have some pants to pack because I have all my polos, nice long sleeve shirts, and extra T-shirts packed. And I put my socks and other things in bags so when we need to go, they’re already packed – does that make sense? We still have lots more to do, though. Nikki has a ton of clothes. We need more boxes – lucky us we get more tomorrow so maybe things will go faster after that. I hope so. I feel good but I never got around to working on my paper this weekend so I really, REALLY need to start concentrating on that. I’m getting nervous – about everything. Keep sending us good thoughts – we can do it!

And now a cute picture of Spunky that we took on Friday at work.

Merry Christmas From Spunky!

Merry Christmas From Spunky!

This was set up at work to try and earn money for the therapy dog group up here but hardly anyone showed up – sad. But we got a picture of Spunky with Santa and the tree. I tried to take several of him but unfortunately they all turned out blurry except this one! We got one from them printed out but I wanted to make Christmas cards for grandma (my mom) because she adores Spunky and other people. Does this one look okay? Man, so much to do. Gotta pack, do paper, check on the kids, get my car fixed, take care of my ticket, and get presents for people?! Man, the list just gets longer and longer! Help!

And with that, I say good night and good luck to all of you on your many projects this holiday season.

Life is a Rollercoaster

Today has had its ups and downs. I slept in until nearly 11 because Nikki was sweet and let me sleep while she showered. Then we were up and got to work. We were really good this morning. Nikki cleaned a lot, I vacuumed the living room and bathroom, and wiped down all the mold in the bathroom too. Actually, LS helped me because I wiped it off and she cleaned off the vinegar I used. Yep. Nikki made the place look so nice. And then there was no time left to do any more so we just hoped the place was clean enough for them to get an idea of how the place looks and that they’d like it. Well, at 2 I got bored and pulled out Nikki’s pottery and started wrapping it. At like 2:45 Nikki called the people and the woman said she’d forgotten about coming to see the place. Great. BUT they are supposedly coming to look tomorrow. Apparently their furnace blew this morning so they got caught up in that. Which sucks for them but I suppose it might be good for us? It might mean they need a new place more quickly. I don’t know. The other prospect is gone because the girl she wanted to move in with had her house burn down recently and can’t afford to move here. Not even kidding, that’s true.

Random: Merlin is currently eating the plastic wrapper from a fortune cookie while climbing over my weights like they’re a mountain. Strange things like this don’t even phase us in this family. We are crazy!

After we found out they weren’t coming we kinda stopped working. It’s like we both need pressure to motivate us to actually work on something. Such as my paper. I’ve barely touched it since that one day and it’s due this coming Friday. Along with a poster and presentation! Ack.

I’ve been a pretty big jerk today too. I don’t mean to be and I feel really bad about it, but I get mean when I get stressed. I try to make up for it by baking biscuits and giving hugs but it doesn’t really fix the problem. I’m sorry Nikki.

Umm, we got to actually tape some boxes today which was cool but man does this tape suck. It breaks and doesn’t stick and generally gives us a hard time. Oh well, why should it be easy, right? We came up with a system for putting different colored stickers on the boxes to symbolize different things such as if it’s to be opened in Tennessee or if it can stay on storage or if it’s fragile. That made me feel productive. We also desperately need new boxes but they had none at the school or the grocery store. We have to go back to the school on Monday for boxes but that means we’re pretty useless until then. Okay, my goal for tomorrow is to pack Nikki’s pottery and most of the clothes we have. We don’t need that many for the 2 weeks we have left. What else? Oh, meds and supplies like that. Yeah. And as many of my books as we can with the limited supply of boxes. And, of course, I should work on my paper.

And I’m worried because I just found a bump on Spunky’s lower lip. And he chipped one of his front teeth, too! He already has a back tooth that has been totally sheered, is rotting, and needs to be removed. Now there’s this one. And the bump. I’m worried. It may be a wart (which are totally disgusting, the Twins at work had them and it’s just. . . yeah) but he’s supposed to be too old to get them. Perhaps he’s stressed with all the packing, though, and that has lowered his immune system. Plus he has scabs on his back and really dry skin. He may have been slightly allergic to the shampoo I used to bathe him before Thanksgiving but I thought I’d used the same kind as always. My poor boy. I just want him to be ok. I feel like a bad mother so much of the time because he’s constantly moping around. Always. Nikki says it’ll be better when we leave. I hope so. Grandma (my mom) is going to spoil him rotten! Anyway, I’m going to ask at work what they think about the bump and then I may or may not take him to the vet up here (they are ridiculously expensive – it would cost like a third of the amount if we wait for Tennessee). I’m not going to risk him just to save money, of course, but since I bought the camera I’m trying to save as much as possible. I hate that I finally decided to spend my money on something for me that I really want and now I just constantly feel guilty about it. It’s not a good feeling. Anyway, I’ll keep everyone updated on the pup.

I seem to be even more random today than I normally am. That’s how my brain has been lately – all over the place. And now for pictures. Since Carolynn has requested them (via her mom) here are some pictures of the ferrets!

Caught You!

Caught You!

Don’t they look like they were just caught getting into trouble?

Aww, Sleepy Boys!

Aww, Sleepy Boys!

Drake always hugs the other ferrets. He’s such a good boy. So is Nate.