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How To Describe Today?

You want my day summed up in one picture? Here.

My Poor Car!

My Poor Car!

Yeah. Makes me want to cry. This is what happened to my pretty little car today. Now I’m perfectly unharmed. Want to know why? Because my car was parked when this happened. Yep, just sitting there all innocent like then wham! The problem is, we only have a certain number of spaces in the parking lot at my work and they were all filled so I had to park back and off to the side of the rest of them. My coworker went to leave and her truck wasn’t moving because of the snow so she gunned it. Well, then when she tried to brake, it didn’t work because of the snow/ice on the pavement so she ran into my car and her truck’s back bumper did all this. Seriously, she had supposedly left and then came back in, looking dazed and just motioned for me to come to the back. Then she told me that her truck slipped and she hit my car. Okay, I remain calm and figure she just dented it in the door or something. Then I go outside and I still remain calm but only because of the shock. My beautiful car was all smashed up. Okay, now I know we’re not talking a ferrari here. It’s a 1995 Mazda Protege with nearly 150,000 miles on it. But it’s MY car. My dad gave it to me. It’s my first car (my grandma gave me an old Ford Ranger that I haven’t parted with either that’s down in Tennessee.) It’s the car I’ve had my entire time at college and the one that has safely taken me across the country (from WI to TX) and back several times. I love my car. Ask anyone, I get upset when I find a new scratch or ding on it. Then this happens. I’m still in shock, I think. My coworker was really nice about it (well, she couldn’t really blame me, right?) and she drove it over to an auto repair shop to have an estimate done on it. Later on she also took it back to get the wheel hub pulled up a bit since it was rubbing on my tire. So she’s being very helpful and all but it still sucks, obviously. The worst part about it? She has no insurance. I have insurance, but only liability – my car isn’t “worth” it to insure since it’s so old. Yeah, you want to know how much it’s going to cost to fix my car? $1700! They have to completely replace my right fender, my bumper, my grill, and my right headlights. They have to hammer out the crunched corner of my hood. They have to make sure that my passenger door opens freely again (since right now it gets hung up on the busted fender). They may or may not (depending on if it’s salvageable or not) have to replace my windshield wiper fluid container. Then they will have to repaint all the replaced parts and put on my pinstripe and DX decals. This may sounds silly, but I got really happy when I saw that they thought to replace the decals because details like that matter to me and it made me feel like they really cared. Another thing that may make me look silly but I don’t care? I want to ask them if I can keep my grill. My car means a lot to me and I’m sentimental. My car has the old Mazda symbol on it, which I like better than the new one. So maybe I’m weird but if it makes me happy, why should it matter? So yes. That was how my day began. Now, I feel really bad because $1700 is a huge amount of money for my coworker to come up with – that’s the total amount of money I’ve been able to save for the 5 months I’ve been working! But it’s also not my fault. And I can’t help that she doesn’t have insurance. Seriously, people, let this be a lesson. ALWAYS insure your car! Hell, try to insure everything you can. It’s worth it. Makes me wish I had renter’s insurance. When we move to Austin, we will DEFINITELY do it! People may think “it’ll never happen to me” but you never know. Okay, consider this – it costs me less than $150 to insure my car for a whole 6 months. Fixing my car from a 5 second accident costs $1700. Wow. So yeah, I feel bad but there’s not much I can do about it. The coworker that hit my car as well as another one asked if I should just get a new car. Umm, no. $1700 would not get me a nice used car and I wouldn’t have a clue what was wrong with that car ayway. We’ve put $1000’s into my car fixing it up over the years, it has brand new tires, and, well, it’s my car. I’m not just going to replace my perfectly good car just because it got smashed. Anyway, I stayed pretty calm throughout though when I talked to my dad, Ted, I started to cry because I was upset. He helped calm me down, though because he told me what I should do. My other dad, Ricky, also gave me advice on what to do and he told me that he thought the estimate was good. Still, very stressful situation.

I’m sorry that I wrote about my car for so long, but this is my life. Also, my bad luck was not over at that point. I also got bit by a cat today so I have to watch that for infection and then later on I had a 10 minute nose bleed that left me feeling light headed. Yay day! So I need another cheer up post – they seem to be in high demand right now, don’t they?

I Have No Idea...

I Have No Idea...

Haha, check out the background! I think I’ll stick to that one picture for tonight. Spunky is funny enough on his own. I seriously have no idea what he was doing, but this is hilarious! I’m off to eat my Chinese, lay on the comfy bed Nikki made me on the floor, and watch Charmed. *sigh* So much for productivity. My drive is shot – too much happened today for me to want to do anything but lay here. I hope everyone else’s day went better!

5 Responses to “How To Describe Today?”

  1. Nikki Says:

    Spunky looks drunk… wow. That is so funny. Oh man oh man. I needed that laugh. Thank you, Sweetheart!

  2. Mac Says:

    I understand loving your car. It is your property, and when you are a struggling college student, you take pride in things you own. I’m sure it will work out somehow. It seems like your coworker is willing to help out anyway she can, and you have a good support team.

    And I’m not sure what Spunky’s deal is. He looks almost angry, but at the same time happy. I’m not really sure how to explain that expression…Maybe Nikki’s observation is sufficient: He looks drunk. Have you guys been adding anything special to his water bowl?

  3. Jennifer Says:

    I have serious attachment issues with my car too. It was the first thing I ever got that was just for me. Even though the payments are high for me because I got it when I was still married and had more money, I still have struggled and paid every one. I love that car. My dimwitted husband left just 10 months after I got it and I never would have bought it if I knew I’d have to pay for it alone and I never could have afforded it alone. But I am so glad it’s mine.

    Isn’t there a law against driving without insurance?

    That picture was quite funny by the way. :)

  4. Carrie Says:


    I can just hear you whimpering about your metal baby (as opposed to the furry babies, ^^)

    If you have time, get an estimate at Jon’s West End shop. That’s where I went when my car got busted up the summer I stayed up there. He’s really nice, and if things are the same, they give you a free rental while it’s fixed. They were pretty quick with it too, I think.

    Hope you guys have a good Thanksgiving and a safe drive!

  5. Ash Says:

    Hey all. Yeah, he’s just a weird dog like that.

    Nikki: You’re welcome, baby.

    Mac: Nothing special in his water. He’s just that special on his own. ^_-

    Jennifer: I’m sorry about you getting stuck with the car payment. That sucks. And yes, it’s illegal here in WI to drive without insurance (I thought it was every state, but Nikki found out that that’s not so in Tennessee.)

    Carrie: Jon’s West End is the place my car got taken to and that’s who’s going to fix it. I’m glad you think it’s a good place because at first no one brought it up when we were asking around for places to take it.

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