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Home Sweet Home

Howdy everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates. It was near impossible to get pages to load on the dial-up and photos were not happening at all so I didn’t even bother trying after that first night. The rest of the trip went well. On Friday we went to Kenosha to visit 3 different museums – a Civil War Museum, a dinosaur place, and the Public Museum. I guess my favorite was the Civil War one, which we went to first. I liked seeing all the artifacts and tried to take pictures and the stuff I read was interesting but there was WAY too much to read. I am an extremely slow reader, so I gave up after awhile. There were also the creepiest mannequins there that talked at you if you got close to them. Yeah, freaky! After that museum we went to the lakefront to have lunch. After lunch we walked along the rocks lining the lake, but not before I fed a whole flock of seagulls my crusts! It was so fun! I love birds like seagulls and pigeons, believe it or not. I think they’re beautiful. All birds are. So that was awesome! Skipping around on the rocks was fun, too, and I got to walk on them with everyone. We also climbed up a little blinky-light tower thing (I wouldn’t say lighthouse, I dunno what it is) which was cool, but I’m afraid of heights too. Yeah, after that we went to the dinosaur place which was pretty disappointing since it was only one room with like 20 skeletons (casts) all crammed onto this tiny platform. And this one dinosaur that was in “feeding position” just looked like it had toppled over. LS liked it, though, so that’s good. She was cute getting all excited over all of it. She’s adorable. In fact, here’s a picture of her with a not so furry or scaly beast.

"Get A Picture of Me With My Dinosaur!"

"Get A Picture of Me With My Dinosaur!"

One cool part of it was that downstairs you could see parts of the baby Tyrannosaurus Rex that the guy that runs the place helped discover out in Montana. They call it Little Clint and it appears to be the youngest T. Rex ever discovered. Neat, huh? After the dinosaur place we went to the public museum, which I must admit, pretty much bored me. I was sick of looking at things through glass, so seeing some fossils and really fake mammoths didn’t do much for me. The upstairs was better because we got to see artwork by the guy who drew “Catwings”. I remember reading some of those books in Singapore and I loved them! Nikki knows a lot more about the stories and has read books in the series I didn’t know existed, but I still enjoyed it. They also had a section of mostly ivory carvings from Asia which I would have taken more interest in had I not already been museumed-out, as it were. Plus, my house is filled with Asian antiques, so it takes quite a bit to impress me. Still, it was a good day. Yesterday we pretty much sat around the house, did laundry (Nikki did, anyway) and then played Cranium at night which went ok. It was the fastest game of it I’d ever played. Note: I suck at sculpting “North Pole”. Oh well. Over the whole time I was also trying to look at the cameras on eBay and talking to family about them. (Random question: Why “eBay”? I get the e part, but Bay? Anyone know?) Anyway, today I went ahead and BOUGHT MY CAMERA! Awesome, huh? Oh, if only it were that simple. I believe this needs its own paragraph, even.

So my family and Nikki helped me decide which one I should get. I really needed to get it before tonight because I had a coupon for 10% off that expired today. So I finally decide this morning to go ahead and spend the $800 to get my camera. Only problem is, the dial-up means it takes an hour and a half to get through the 10 pages it takes to confirm everything. Yeah, then I see that even though I changed my address to make it match my card and therefore be a confirmed address, Paypal didn’t register that change and so it is the wrong, and therefore unconfirmed, address. The seller I bought from won’t send to unconfirmed addresses so I’m screwed. Yeah, an hour and a half was all for nothing. Plus I’m now out $800. *sigh* So we get in the car and start driving home and when my dad calls to ask me if it all worked out, I tell him. He tells me to call Paypal and see what they can do. *another sigh* So then I call my mom to get her to find out the number for me and I call Paypal. I listen to stupid ads about Paypal and eBay for like 10 minutes and talk to the dumbest woman ever. I tell her the problem is the address and she tells me she deleted the whole transaction. Thanks, how helpful. . . I then call the seller and this guy is actually nice and tells me that we need to do a mutual cancellation and he’ll send me the directions on how to do that. Okay, not so bad, I’ll just do that and then buy it again with the right address. So I call my mom back and ask her if she can go into my accounts and rebuy the camera. She tries to and everything goes smoothly until we discover the coupon doesn’t work anymore since I already used it on the now-cancelled camera. *wince* So then I have to call Paypal again. The stupid automated woman asks me who I want to talk to. Now I don’t know how many ways there are to say “Coupons and Special Offers” but apparently I can’t say it right – even when I mimic how she says it exactly. On my last attempt I just yelled it and got transferred somewhere. A few minutes later and I’m talking to a woman who can’t speak English who tells me that she can’t help me and she’ll transfer me to the Coupons and Special Offers people. Great. Okay, now I kid you not! I sit there and call off the timer on my phone as time goes by: 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes. . . At 47 minutes I use Nikki’s phone to call my mom. Actually, I call and get some old woman telling me it’s a wrong number so I have to call my sister, have her give the phone to my mom and then have my mom call me back. See how this day was going? So I call her and ask her to try cancelling the first one and maybe that will give me back my coupon. As I’m talking to my mom, someone at Paypal finally picks up so I hang up with my mom. Now, the guy was really nice and said he was sorry for what happened and that he can help me. He also tells me that Paypal doesn’t have to ability to cancel transactions so the first woman I talked to had no idea what she was doing. He also sent an email to the seller on my behalf just to make sure they cancel it. He then resets my email address so my coupon will work again. Yay! Nice guy! Still, when I got off the phone, I had been on it for 58 minutes. Don’t believe me?



So after all that, I call my mom back, the coupon works and I have my camera ordered – again. I still have to call the place tomorrow and confirm this new order and make sure the old one is cancelled and then I have to do some legal crap through eBay so they know that it was a mutual cancellation and I don’t get a non-payment mark on my account. Whatever. The important thing is – I’m gonna get my camera! And in time for the holidays! I can take amazing pictures of everyone I love now! I wish I’d been able to get one sooner so I could have had pictures of up north, the lake, Spunky at the parks, and the dogs at work, but it just didn’t happen. At least I won’t be missing out on even more time. Yay! Nikki is so happy too. Now I need to start working on something for her for Christmas. I want her to be happy and she’s special so she needs something really special. *gets excited about ideas*

Okay, so I know that this post really had nothing to do about animals and I’m sorry, but I’ve been thiking. My original idea was just to post a picture of an animal everyday and maybe comment a little about it. But I’ve found myself wanting to talk more about my life in general. And the title of the place is Mutts n’ More. I thought that was just because it wasn’t dogs I was going to post pictures of but it can also be that while this is about animals, it’s also about more. It’s about me and Nikki and the crazy things that happen in our life. A lot of that does have to do with our kids, of course, but sometimes things just happen to us like this and I find it funny so maybe that could cheer people up too. I don’t know, what do y’all think? Do you wish I’d just shut up about me and only post cute pictures like so many other places do, or do you think it might interest people to read about our family – all of it and not just the kids? I mean, you can always just look at the pictures and leave if you want, but if you want more truth and detail then it’s all right here, too. I hope you don’t mind reading the things I blab about. Anyway, I’m not going to leave you longing for something cute and cuddly to “aww” over. I’ve always got that, never fear!

Bindi Sue!

Bindi Sue!

This is Bindi, the Jeske’s nearly 2 year old golden retriever. And this picture just makes me laugh because she’s got crazy eyes and her smile is just awesome. Seriously, can you look at that picture and not crack up laughing? I didn’t think so. ^_- I hope all of you had great holidays and I’m happy to be back and making you smile again!

6 Responses to “Home Sweet Home”

  1. Nikki Says:

    CAMERA! And I don’t know, I may be biased, but this story was ridiculous and hysterical and I love reading about your life (and me). So I’m happy. CAMERA!

    Fun thanksgiving. Bindi is silly. CAMERA!

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Great camera. I hope it all works out for you.

    As for the blog, you should write about what you want and not worry about what anyone else thinks. It’s your blog. Besides, I like it. :)

  3. Carrie Says:

    I asked Andre about the eBay thing and he said he thought the place where they have auctions is sometimes called an auction bay. I found this definition: “A section or compartment, as in a service station, barn, or aircraft, that is set off for a specific purpose: a cargo bay; an engine bay.”

    Also, if you think about a different definition, like when a dog bays at something, that’s kinda like when the auctioneer is “baying” out his banter. At least, it makes sense to me, lol.

    Yay for new toys! I bought a TV, ^^

  4. Ash Says:

    Nikki: CAMERA!

    Jennifer: Thanks for the well wishes on the camera. I hope everything works out too! And you’re right, I should stop worrying about what I write in here because if I’m excited about what I write about, it will be more interesting to my readers anyway. Or something like that.

    Carrie: Thanks for your input on the eBay thing! Did it get you curious, too? I like your own definition about baying! And what kind of TV? A big one? A flat screen? What? What?! *bounce*

  5. Emily Says:

    Why do you call Nikki LS?

  6. Ash Says:

    Emi: I don’t. LS is Little Somebody AKA Filly AKA the Little One.

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