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Too Cute!

Today went by way too fast. It really sucks. I had to waste so many hours at work when I needed to be here packing. We have people coming to look at the place and right now we can’t even walk!!! How is this supposed to happen? No matter how much we get done, there’s still too much left. And the house just keeps getting more and more messy! Two of the closets are semi clean but that means that all the things that were in them are now scattered around on the floor! How can trying to be organized be so messy? I’m trying to keep everything together with like things and trying to go so far as to write on every box and bag what’s in it. And my mom suggested putting stickers on everything and numbering it and making a master list on my computer about what’s in it. Good idea, and we’re gonna try, but that means even more to do! AAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!! So yeah, sat at work and wasted my day. Okay, okay, I was actually good and after I was the only one there I pulled out my laptop and worked on my research paper. I got my methods section done which, when formatted correctly, came to be just under 2 pages! Awesome huh? My paper has to be at least 6 pages so that’s a nice chunk. I’m still avoiding the intro like the plague but I need to stop doing that since it’s the hardest for me. I hate researching. I already did the experiment. Why do I have to go find other people’s work and tell you about it in my own paper? Gah! So stupid and a waste of my time (of which I have none). Anyway, work was okay. Some awesome dogs were there today (Tazz, Reggie, the Twins, Belle, Tutty, Stella, Bubba, all of them!) and I’m really starting to realize how soon I’m going to leave them. It’s enough to make me cry (I already did one night last week). I love these dogs. I really, truly do. I can fall in love with animals fast and this is going to be so, so hard on me. Oh man, new subject. So after work we went and picked up boxes at the school and then it was off to Walmart (after leaving the poor, mistreaed pup at home for more room). Turns out he could have come because the people at Walmart forgot to leave us boxes. Great, we were counting on those. Still, we got packing tape, garbage bags (for packing, not trash) stickers, and some cloth for the inside of the bag Nikki’s knitting. Then we came back and Nikki made food and I, well, I made a huge mess. Why can’t this just be over with? Why does me trying to pack make everything worse? I’m trying to be good! And it’s turning out bad! HELP!

More Mess!

More Mess!

This is what happened AFTER we worked for a couple hours! Why? What am I doing so wrong? Oh, and if you look really hard, you can see a puppy in the back, being dwarfed by the massive pile of crap in front of him. >_<

Now we seriously need some cheer up time. And, I know you want to see that last picture of Spunky modeling over Thanksgiving break, but today is Wednesday! Which means you get a video! Because I had time to do it again! Yes! So here is a video of Merlin when he was a kitten. And it looks like he’s bugging the crap out of Spunky, but don’t be fooled. Spunky loves his kitten!

6 Responses to “Too Cute!”

  1. Nikki Says:

    I don’t think we’re doing anything wrong packing. I think it just gets messier because we have to pull stuff out of places to clean it but then we don’t have enough boxes to pack things in. We will and it’ll start getting better. It will.

    Oh man, Merlin was so freakin’ cute. What happened?

  2. Leigh Says:

    Awwwr, kitten. I wish the animals I blogged were nearly as cute as yours. :(

  3. Mac Says:

    I think things usually get worse at first when you are cleaning. If you’re like me and have a lot of clutter, it takes awhile to get it all organized. It will get better though! And Merlin was tiny!

  4. Jennifer Says:

    I loved the video. And the packing will take care of the mess. It takes time and you need more boxes. You can do this.

  5. Ash Says:

    Nikki: What happened? He got big enough to get into trouble, that’s what happened!

    Leigh: Yours may not be “cute” but you’ve got me beat in the cool/exotic department!

    Mac: I know it will get better, I’m just worried about it getting better before we show the place on Saturday.

    Jennifer: You’re always so positive and supportive. Thank you!

  6. Jennifer Says:

    I know what it is like trying to start a new life with no one being supportive and positive.

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