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Miracle Fish



Seeing as the name of this blog is Mutts n’ More, I was going to start with a dog picture, or at least something furry, but the story behind this picture is what made me change my mind. This, my friends (uh-oh, McCain!), is Aristotle, one of Nikki’s and my bettas, and he is one very lucky, very strong-willed fish. You see, yesterday his life almost ended. Akima, our female cat, has a habit of trying to go fishing. I can’t count the number of times we’ve found her up on the bookshelf where the fish are with the tops knocked off of their bowls and her paws and the entire area covered with water. She knows she’s not supposed to do this but what does she care? She’s a cat. Because of this, we keep our bedroom door closed and it is offlimits to kitties. Well yesterday Akima was in there looking all mischievous like at the fish so of course when we left, we took her with us and closed the door. Some time later Nikki went into the room to look for quarters so we could do laundry and I just heard a heartwrenching scream of “No! NO!” I rushed into the room as Akima rushed out and there lying on the floor was Aristotle. He was curled up and stiff and I thought for sure he was dead. Still, being level headed as I am during emergencies, I scooped him up and put him back into his bowl. His front fins flicked back and forth a little bit. At this point I went into the living room, found Akima, grabbed her by the scruff and took her in to show her the fish and tell her “no”. She freaked out, brought up her back claws and got one right into my arm. She then wrenched away, actually leaving the outer “husk” of her claw in me. No joke.



See? Anyway, I digress. We then rushed around and cleaned Aristotle’s bowl so there was nothing gross in there to infect him and put in drops that not only clean the water but also helps promote healing of wounds and to stop infections. Still, it was very touch and go for a very long time. For awhile I had to use a Dairy Queen plastic spoon to bring him up to the surface so he could get a breath. Seriously, my emotions were back and forth and back and forth. We would get happy that he’d get a breath on his own but then something would go wrong. Sometimes he floated on his side at the top. Other times he did a nose dive into the pebbles at the bottom but his hind end was floating up towards the top. His balast must have been so messed up. At one point I finally broke down into sobs and cried over the fact that I try to save animals and yet my very own kids go and kill other animals sometimes. I know they’re just animals and that it’s their instinct but I feel the deaths are on my conscience and affecting my karma because I am responsible for my kids. Anyway, I started crying about all my kids that have passed on and asked for the universe to please help Aristotle because we couldn’t handle losing someone right now. Almost immediately, I’m not even kidding, he began to right himself. A few hours later and he was still balanced and seemed well enough that we moved him back into the bedroom (he’d been in the living room with us so we could keep an eye on him). We were hopeful but still trying to be realistic about him making it through the night. This morning, the moment I woke up I jumped out of bed and ran over to see – and there he was, swimming around like a good little fish! That picture of him is from 2 hours ago. He looks so great, doesn’t he? He has at least 5 puncture wounds (he was in her mouth!) and yet he pulled through. Amazing, isn’t it? I know it’s because of his strong will. I also know that my angel kids came to take care of him. It’s just a feeling I have. I know they were here. Probably to let me know that they are still here when I need them. I really needed that reassurance and here I have it – in the form of a tiny, beautiful miracle fish.

10 Responses to “Miracle Fish”

  1. Nikki Says:

    At the risk of sounding really cliche and cheesy, you have a beautiful soul. I’m not kidding. I love you so much. And I love our kids and our Aristotle is probably the strongest fish in the world. I cannot believe he made it through the night. You saved his life! I love you!

  2. Ash Says:

    *huge smile* Thanks, Nikki. I love us all too!

  3. Mac Says:

    I’m happy that he made it! He looks happy and healthy. Truly a miracle fish. And looks like you’ve got battle wounds to prove your heroism!

  4. Ash Says:

    Hey yeah! Battle wounds! Awesome! And thanks for the well wishes yesterday!

  5. Leigh Says:

    I’m so glad that Aristotle’s made it happily through that incident. My best wishes are still with him while he recovers his strength.

  6. Ash Says:

    Thanks, Leigh! There were so many people sending him/us well wishes that I’m sure it helped.

  7. nik's mom Says:

    Cool site, I hope you don’t mind me commenting. Cat gotcha good,that little stinker. Glad fishy is doing well.

  8. Jennifer Says:

    Wow. I used to work in the fish department at a pet shop and I have seen many a fish dies of far less. I guess it goes to show the power of prayer. How long have you had him?

  9. Ash Says:

    It’s definitely a testament to our love and to his will to survive. We got Aristotle shortly after moving into our current house, so probably since early June.

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