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Life is a Rollercoaster

Today has had its ups and downs. I slept in until nearly 11 because Nikki was sweet and let me sleep while she showered. Then we were up and got to work. We were really good this morning. Nikki cleaned a lot, I vacuumed the living room and bathroom, and wiped down all the mold in the bathroom too. Actually, LS helped me because I wiped it off and she cleaned off the vinegar I used. Yep. Nikki made the place look so nice. And then there was no time left to do any more so we just hoped the place was clean enough for them to get an idea of how the place looks and that they’d like it. Well, at 2 I got bored and pulled out Nikki’s pottery and started wrapping it. At like 2:45 Nikki called the people and the woman said she’d forgotten about coming to see the place. Great. BUT they are supposedly coming to look tomorrow. Apparently their furnace blew this morning so they got caught up in that. Which sucks for them but I suppose it might be good for us? It might mean they need a new place more quickly. I don’t know. The other prospect is gone because the girl she wanted to move in with had her house burn down recently and can’t afford to move here. Not even kidding, that’s true.

Random: Merlin is currently eating the plastic wrapper from a fortune cookie while climbing over my weights like they’re a mountain. Strange things like this don’t even phase us in this family. We are crazy!

After we found out they weren’t coming we kinda stopped working. It’s like we both need pressure to motivate us to actually work on something. Such as my paper. I’ve barely touched it since that one day and it’s due this coming Friday. Along with a poster and presentation! Ack.

I’ve been a pretty big jerk today too. I don’t mean to be and I feel really bad about it, but I get mean when I get stressed. I try to make up for it by baking biscuits and giving hugs but it doesn’t really fix the problem. I’m sorry Nikki.

Umm, we got to actually tape some boxes today which was cool but man does this tape suck. It breaks and doesn’t stick and generally gives us a hard time. Oh well, why should it be easy, right? We came up with a system for putting different colored stickers on the boxes to symbolize different things such as if it’s to be opened in Tennessee or if it can stay on storage or if it’s fragile. That made me feel productive. We also desperately need new boxes but they had none at the school or the grocery store. We have to go back to the school on Monday for boxes but that means we’re pretty useless until then. Okay, my goal for tomorrow is to pack Nikki’s pottery and most of the clothes we have. We don’t need that many for the 2 weeks we have left. What else? Oh, meds and supplies like that. Yeah. And as many of my books as we can with the limited supply of boxes. And, of course, I should work on my paper.

And I’m worried because I just found a bump on Spunky’s lower lip. And he chipped one of his front teeth, too! He already has a back tooth that has been totally sheered, is rotting, and needs to be removed. Now there’s this one. And the bump. I’m worried. It may be a wart (which are totally disgusting, the Twins at work had them and it’s just. . . yeah) but he’s supposed to be too old to get them. Perhaps he’s stressed with all the packing, though, and that has lowered his immune system. Plus he has scabs on his back and really dry skin. He may have been slightly allergic to the shampoo I used to bathe him before Thanksgiving but I thought I’d used the same kind as always. My poor boy. I just want him to be ok. I feel like a bad mother so much of the time because he’s constantly moping around. Always. Nikki says it’ll be better when we leave. I hope so. Grandma (my mom) is going to spoil him rotten! Anyway, I’m going to ask at work what they think about the bump and then I may or may not take him to the vet up here (they are ridiculously expensive – it would cost like a third of the amount if we wait for Tennessee). I’m not going to risk him just to save money, of course, but since I bought the camera I’m trying to save as much as possible. I hate that I finally decided to spend my money on something for me that I really want and now I just constantly feel guilty about it. It’s not a good feeling. Anyway, I’ll keep everyone updated on the pup.

I seem to be even more random today than I normally am. That’s how my brain has been lately – all over the place. And now for pictures. Since Carolynn has requested them (via her mom) here are some pictures of the ferrets!

Caught You!

Caught You!

Don’t they look like they were just caught getting into trouble?

Aww, Sleepy Boys!

Aww, Sleepy Boys!

Drake always hugs the other ferrets. He’s such a good boy. So is Nate.

7 Responses to “Life is a Rollercoaster”

  1. Nikki Says:

    You weren’t being a jerk. We’re both just stressed and neither of us handle it well. You get frustrated, and I get clumsy. I’m sorry, too, Ash.

    Aw, cute ferret boys! You are such a sweetheart.

  2. carolynn Says:

    thanks for doing a ferret i like ferrets they are cute

  3. carolynn Says:

    Try and take a second and relax so no one gets too stressed. And Carolynn was so happy you put ferrets for her. They are cute.

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Actually that last one was me. I forgot Carolynn was still signed in. :) DUH!

  5. Mac Says:

    Aww, the ferrets are adorable. Ferrets are nocturnal aren’t they? Because whenever I see them in pets stores, they are always sleeping. Or maybe they just like to sleep a lot. :) I wish I had time to be that lazy!

    Good luck with the house today! I’m sure it looks great! And try not to worry too much about Spunky. He’s lucky to have a mom who cares so much about his health. Whatever it is, harmless or not, he will be fine. You noticed it early.

  6. Ash Says:

    Nikki: We just need to work on it every day until we get better.

    Carolynn: I love ferrets too. They’re amazing.

    Jennifer: We’ve already set the stopping time for today and are going to watch a movie at that point. If it works at helping to de-stress us, we’ll have to try and be more structured in our packing schedule from now on.

    Mac: Ferrets are mostly active at dawn and dusk but really when they are pets they kind of adjust themselves to your schedule because they want to come out and play. They also do just sleep a ton – like 19 hours a day! That’s not to say that they don’t LOVE making tons of noise at night. That’s why it’s nice to keep them in a living room versus a bedroom. As for Spunky, I can’t help but worry. For now I’m going to assume it’s a wart that will go away in a few weeks.

  7. Leigh Says:

    Ferrets are the cutest. I am all inspired now to set up an ‘about my family’ page on my blog …

    Good luck with the packing. I know it’s a stress-mess, but you and Nikki will get through it. And then you’ll be in Texas before you can blink.

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