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Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

*dances around in her chair to the Kool & the Gang song in her head*

So today is an absolutely marvelous day! You know, that’s a really funny word. Anyway! You want to know how my day began? Well, I was woken up at (*checks phone*) 8:03 this morning by a phone call from the president of Northland College. You want to know what she told me? She said that she was very proud of me for sticking with my capstone even through all the adversity surrounding it. Don’t know the story? Here’s a brief synopsis: no matter how hard I tried to find a way to get my capstone done and change my psychology minor to a major, the school blocked me somehow. First it was the teacher, then the dean then it was the registrar telling me to pay for the class for a third time which would have come to a whopping $1300! Obviously I don’t have that, but I’ve been working with the teacher and completed my experiment on the dogs at work in the hopes that I could find a way to get the class paid for. That’s pretty much the story thus far (though with tons of ups and downs thrown all around in there). So she tells me she’s proud of me and – THAT SHE’S GOING TO WAIVE THE COURSE FEE FOR ME! So all I have to do is kick myself into gear, get my paper written, make a powerpoint and poster and present on Friday and I will have completed my undergraduate education! YES! So I can not screw this up. I need to get to work on finishing my paper and fast! I can do it! And isn’t that an amazing way to wake up? I thought so!

Onto the next super awesome, amazing thing of the day: WE FOUND SOMEONE TO SUBLET THE ENTIRE APARTMENT!!! That’s right, the day after that woman said she couldn’t and Nikki was crying because she was so upset – we got someone to take it for sure! You want to know who? My boss! Seriously! I walked into work and started chatting about how the woman we thought was going to take the place called and said she wouldn’t so we didn’t know what we were going to do. My boss casually asked some questions about the place and then said that if the people that came to look at it tonight didn’t want it that maybe she would take a look at it. I told her she could look at it whenever she wanted because we have no idea how long it would take them to make a decision. So then I go in the back and clean a bit and then I come back out and she asks if we can go look at it right then! I semi-panicked because Nikki had planned on getting off work a little early to clean for the people coming at 7. That, of course, meant that the house was pretty much a total mess. I asked her if she could look beyond the mess and she said she could so off we went! Man, I was so worried she was going to take one look at the piles of crap and leave but she looked through everything, asked questions and just like that we were headed back to work. I told her some about our utilities and cable and then we sat in silence for a bit. Then she said “Well. . . I’ll take it.” And I just stared at her for a moment and was like “Really?” And she said YES!!! I wanted to just squiggle and squirm in my seat! When we got back I asked her again if she was sure and she assured me that she was! So I ran into the back and called Nikki right away. Now I’m the sneaky sort so I just nonchalantly told her that she should message the people coming to see the house and tell them not to come. She said “what?” and I repeated myself and said there was no need for them to come. Another, trying-oh-so-hard-not-to-get-excited question of “why?” “Because Cyndi’s taking it!” So then Nikki was off crying again but this time it was because she was so happy! Just like that we had our apartment problem solved! I was so happy that I went around and did a ton of cleaning today!

So you know how trouble comes in threes? Well I’m guessing that blessings do too because we had one more really happy thing happen today – MY CAMERA CAME! I checked the tracking at work and found out it had been delivered so I called Nikki and she rushed over there to pick it up before the post office closed. Then when we got back home I rushed right to the box and we unpacked everything right then and there in the middle of the living room floor. Nikki took a video of me opening everything and oh man – it is BEAUTIFUL!

My Nikon D80!

My Nikon D80!

It’s so perfect and shiny and black. And the lenses are amazing and my hard case looks so professional and, and, it’s just awesome! I am SO happy! I got an amazing package and an amazing deal too!

Look How Much I Got In My Package!

Look How Much I Got In My Package!

I was feeling bad about the money I spent on it but now that I can look at it it just makes me beam with pride. I love getting new gadgets and this one is so cool and can be the beginning of something big for me and my family! If I can get this pet photography thing going, it could help so much with our dreams of taking care of our family and taking care of the world as a whole (as much as we can).

So that was my day! My wonderfully positive day. Now it’s time for all of your dreams to come true! It can happen. We still have a ton of work to get done in a very short amount of time but we just have to keep plugging away and we’ll get it all done somehow. You can do it too! Just stick to it! And since you all have been so supportive of us during this difficult time, I hope you know that we’ll be here to send you good thoughts and be someone to listen to your problems and try and give you inspiration. Really, we’re here for you!

If Looks Could Kill. . .

If Looks Could Kill. . .

Haha, this is from the other night when we picked up boxes that turned out to be quite large. Heh, so we had to shove them in back and they took up pretty much the entire seat so Spunky was squashed against the other side. He pouted so bad! And after this picture I tried to get a picture from the other side but he refused to look at the camera because he was so indignant. Man, what a hilarious pup! Good night everyone! I hope something good happens to you very soon!

8 Responses to “Celebrate Good Times, Come On!”

  1. Leigh Says:

    See, I told you things would work out. Glad to hear you’re finally on an upswing!

  2. Nikki Says:

    *still laughing hysterically* Can’t… breathe…. OMG.

  3. Mac Says:

    That is definitely something to celebrate! Congratulations! You guys deserve all the best. You need to buy a and throw a party or something, because three good things in a row don’t happen every day. (After you get your paper done of course). =)

  4. Mac Says:

    Er…I meant to say buy a cake and champagne…I’ve been staring at a computer screen for so long that I can’t make complete sentences.

  5. New Gadgets | Celebrate Good Times, Come On! Says:

    [...] Original post by Mutts n’ More [...]

  6. Jennifer Says:

    I told you good things happen to good people! HA! I love it when I am right!

  7. Ash Says:

    Leigh: Yeah, you were right. You were all right. Thanks for the support!

    Nikki: You really, really laughed at that picture! If Spunky knew, he’d probably get that look on his face again!

    Mac: We got pretty busy last night but we’ll celebrate tonight with lots of good food!

    Jennifer: Yeah, you’re a genius, what can I say?

  8. alex Says:

    save to my Bookmarks )

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