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Nikons and Dog Noses

Last night was long and boring. I tried doing all the research for my paper which I absolutely hate. Didn’t end up finding much since Nikki and I both spent about an hour trying to figure out if Science was paginated by volume or by issue. Did you know that there even was such a thing as different styles of pagination? Did you know that APA citations are different depending on the type of pagination? I know, I wish I didn’t know either. How dull is that? And yet it’s up there, wasting space in my head. I suppose, though, that since I also have most of the songs logged away in there too, I shouldn’t really be complaining. “F-r-e-e that spells free, credit report dot com, baby!” Anyway, I digress. So last night Nikki stayed up late helping me but still went to bed before me. Well when I finally got to bed I decided to wake her up with a barage of questions about her snake and then decide to let her sleep again. Only that doesn’t last long because I once again realize that my carabiner is missing and it upsets me. See, my carabiner is my good luck. I found it when I was on a summer trip in Colorado and while I could never use it for climbing since I don’t know if it was dropped, it has actually become part of my wardrobe. That’s right, it resides clipped to my pocket and it has very seriously been there since my sophomore year of high school. I really do think of it as my good luck so now maybe you’ll understand why I was so upset that it had been missing for going on a month now. I don’t know why it got to me so bad last night at around 1 in the morning, but it did so up I got to look. Poor Nikki woke up and tried to help me find it. Through some looking back on when I thought I’d lost it (around the time of the drag show) I finally managed to locate it in the pocket of my khakis which I had never checked because I forgot they existed. Now why did I tell you this story? I don’t know, because it’s important to me. And because I was keeping Nikki up in the wee hours of the morning before she went and took her final this morning at 8 am. Oops. Sorry baby!

Anyway, I was going to tell you about our adventures in ferret medicine but since I took up so much space blabbing about my carabiner, I’ll save that for tomorrow. Suffice it to say that I would so much rather give a ferret a shot than try and shoot even 0.5 mL of bitter tasting medicine down his throat twice a day. And today is only the third day out of 14. Joy.

Right before work I decided to pull out and play with our new camera. We were both so excited as I took out the 18-55 mm lens and clicked it into place, slid the battery into place and configured the clock on the camera for the very first time! Then in went the memory card and it was pure excitment. Heh, LS read the rather lame directions every step of the way – did you know when you take a picture you should take a stance with one leg slightly in front of the other and then push the little button to make it take the picture? Amazing! *shakes head* Anyway, it was so cool. Okay, the first pictures we took will never be seen by anyone because a Nikon is not made to take self portraits by holding the camera out at arms length. Yeah, I won’t even describe how awkward we looked. BUT! The next picture I took was of Spunky, then Akima, and Zane, and Merlin. I was so amazed at how sharp these automatic everything pictures were turning out that I ran about like some giddy little schoolgirl snapping off shots of everyone. Oh man do I love this camera!

I then took it to work where my first big panic-attack-that-can-only-come-from-a-brand-new-expensive-toy occurred. See, I was going around and taking pictures of the dogs when I had time because I want great pictures of all these great dogs that I’m going to miss so much. At first I was doing awesome and got a bunch of pictures from the playroom dogs without any mishaps. Oh man did I get some good ones! But then when I was trying to get a picture of this beautiful, old German Shepherd owned by a co-worker, he turned his head suddenly and slimed my lens with his nose! Oh no! I like tried to wipe it off but it was too gooey and then I ran into the back to try and call Nikki because I was so worried I had just ruined my new pretty. Of course, I was overreacting, but wouldn’t you? She called me back and I cried at her (not literally) about how I had already messed it up and she said she didn’t know what to do. But my baby is such a sweetheart, you wanna know what she did? I was in the back wiping down the cabins when she appeared around the corner with lunch, a drink and the lens cleaning kit! Isn’t she the best? The only problem is that the solution sucks. It leaves streaky residue on the lens. More sadness. It’s okay, though, because we tested it and it doesn’t even show up on the pictures I take. *happy dance*

After Nikki left I sat at work alone and actually worked on my paper. I got 2 pages worth of introduction done, too! Yes! Go me! It still needs work mainly because I didn’t cite anything. Yeah, I’m doing it all backwards. I wrote what I want to put based on the knowledge I already have since I just pick up random tidbits of everything and now I have to go out and find places that say those things so I can cite them as my sources. *raised eyebrow* Yeah, that’s just how I roll. My parents helped me find a bunch of articles though since they have access to the DuPaul and Harvard databases so hopefully I can get that done tomorrow. Then I have the conclusion. One step at a time. I can do this.

After work Nikki took me to Walmart so we could get new cleaning solution for my lens. Walmart didn’t appear to have any but after much searching high and low (and around and around the same small section of store) we found a pen type deal that has a retractable brush, a spray top and a nice cloth that won’t leave fuzz all over the lens like the crap thing I got with the camera. It made me happy because I saw one when I was researching our camera and thought it was cool. It’s like spy gear for my Nikon! Dun dun dundun dun dun! Okay, I’ll stop there. After that we came back, stuffed ourselves with all sorts of good food and digested over an episode of Charmed. Now we need to do the whole ferret thing and then I need a shower and Nikki needs sleep. So much for packing – and my dad is going to be here in 3 days! >_< Good night all!

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You thought I was going to forget your cute thing, right? Nope. It’s Wednesday, too! Here’s your video!

7 Responses to “Nikons and Dog Noses”

  1. Nikki Says:

    Man, we have such a crazy life.

    I’m happy.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Hey now..the video doesn’t work. How can you leave me hanging after I just read all that camera and paper talk. :)

    Just kidding, I don’t mind, but your video says it is no longer available.

  3. Leigh Says:

    You shoulda asked me. I read that damn journal like crack. >.<

    And if you ever need a journal article that you can’t get, feel free to ask me; I have access to the University of Colorado and University of Illinois databases, so I can probably help you out with most anything.

    Also, the video’s adorable. But I want to see what then new camera produced.

  4. Mac Says:

    Ferrets are so bouncy! You’re house is like a jungle gym to them. =)

    Good luck on your paper. A few pages is better than none so far! You’ll get it done. Somehow, procrastination has a way of making people work harder. I write papers backwards sometimes too…Actually, I just write papers in little sections. Of course, those sections are never in chronological order. For some reason, I like to make things hard for myself.

  5. Ash Says:

    Nikki: Crazy means it’s never dull. . .

    Jennifer: You should try watching the video again. I can view it and it seems to have worked for everyone else as well. If it still doesn’t, umm, ask someone who knows more about it than me. But I hope you can see it since Carolynn likes ferrets so much.

    Leigh: So, hey, smart girl, how is Science paginated? Seriously, we still don’t know, we just gave up and guessed. And thanks for the offer. I think I have enough random articles to cite where I need to but if something comes up, the offer still stands, right? And I know, I’m going to put up fancy new pictures tonight. I just figured that people tend to really like the videos so I didn’t want to disappoint anyone.

    Mac: Ferrets are bouncy and trouble, trouble, trouble! Our house is definitely not ferret proofed right now, but we keep a close eye on them and they think the clutter is absolutely fantastic! And I’ve been writing my paper in sections too. It helps me to set small goals and then get the satisfaction of completing it.

  6. Jennifer Says:

    Oh good. Now it works! I loved it. The ferrets chasing the cat was so funny.

  7. Leigh Says:

    Science is by volume. :D And the offer stands for as long as you need it to stand. Or until I give up with academia and burn every database to the ground.

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