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I am way too tired to write a real post. We went to bed around 3 last night because we were too tired to function. Then it was up at 8 and we packed from then until 5. It was super crazy. My dad showed up at like 10 and then he left at 5. And besides one short break for some KFC, it was pack, pack, pack. We tried to stay organized but we still ended up sending about 5 boxes o’ stuff. *big sigh* It sucked that my dad had to leave so quickly because of some supposed blizzard coming in. We wouldn’t have been as rushed and had planned a nice dinner of tilapia. Oh well. We’ll see him and tons of family soon. So yeah, packing was crap. I just hope we got enough out because all we have left now to move everything is 2 cars and a van. Yeah, we’re probably screwed.  After he left we ate food and watched lots of House. Now we need to do the ferrets and then probably bed.

Pretty Kitten!

Pretty Kitten

3 Responses to “TIRED!”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Wow. What a busy day. I guess you never know how much junk you have until you have to pack it up. That is one pretty kitty though. :)

  2. Nikki Says:

    Man, it makes me even more tired just reading how busy we were today. *yawn*

    Pretty princess.

  3. Mac Says:

    Isn’t packing a blast? It sounds like you got the worst part over with, so it should be too bad from there….

    Akima’s eyes are so gorgeous!

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