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Tennessee Christmas

Ha! I told you I’d update! Go me!

So, when we got to Tennessee, we ate and slept for awhile like I said. That was nice because sleeping in a car is crap – especially a car filled with scratching, gnawing, meowing, licking animals. Seriously, try it sometime. It’s not pleasant. Anyway, we didn’t sleep forever. Nikki would have, but I annoyed her to consciousness and we all sat around in the kitchen and talked. My mom made her delicious queso and after awhile my Gramma and Grandpa came over to see us. It was nice. We talked and joked and all and ate some good food. My grandparents had brought some sushi and shrimp so we ate that while my mom made Winnie (my sister) an Amaretto cake for her birthday which was on the 21st. Yeah, she was born on the winter solstice – cool, huh? Poor Nikki couldn’t eat any of the shrimp or sushi due to her shellfish allergy but my mom’s queso is the best. It was great seeing my grandma and grandpa and they stayed for a long time that night. I wished they could stay here but they live with my uncle and there’s no room for them here anyway. Heck, there’s no room for us at the moment. We have to do lots of rearranging to turn the TV room into our room and the dining room into the new TV room and such stuff. It’ll be lots of work but it’ll happen. Anyway, that night my dad made salmon and steaks for Winnie’s birthday and we sang happy birthday to her. The salmon was delicious, especially dipped in wasabi soy sauce. Oh man, now I’m hungry again.

The next day we went shopping at Walmart for new jeans for me and to get items for Christmas dinner and. . .  you know what? I have no idea what we did on Christmas Eve. None whatsoever. We hung out together and watched movie. Yeah! We watched The Librarian which turned out to be pretty good except for the fact that he kept saying things like “But that’s just a myth” when he’s the damn Librarian! Anyway, good series. Oh yeah, my mom made some sweet potatoes and an asparagus casserole thing and Winnie made homemade mashed potatoes. She peeled for forever! By the time we went to bed we had already said Merry Christmas to one another because it was past midnight.

Christmas Day we woke up kind of late and sat around together talking before we shared gifts. There weren’t a whole lot since we’re all pretty poor but my mom made everyone hats and scarves which took her absolutely forever to make. She’s really good at it. Nikki and I gave my mom, dad, and Winnie their snowmen with their dog pictures in them (Rufus, Spunky, Becky and Smudge, respectively) and they liked them. We then shared a story which I forgot to tell in my post the other day!

Nikki & Ash Scarves

Aren't We Just So Cute and Warm?

Such a Diva!

He's Such a Diva!

So when we were in Chicago and sitting around eating before my dad got home, we were feeding the dogs some scraps and the Little One asked where the other one was. We had Spunky, Becky and Hooch sitting at our feet. I told her that Becky and Hooch were the only ones that lived at the house. I told her that Smudge used to be there but that she’d died a few years ago. She then proceeded to ask me if she was bigger than the other dogs and black and I told her yes. Smudgie was a big german shepherd mix: a beautiful, wonderful girl. The Little One then told me that she had seen her when we first came in. She had been jumping up at the door, glad to see me. She then asked if Smudge liked Spunky and I said “No. Why?” and LS said Smudge didn’t look happy to see Spunky. See, Smudgie was always the alpha and she didn’t like it when Spunky would go by me because she thought I should only be hers, not Spunky’s. Man I miss her. And I wish so badly Nikki could have met her. I suppose in a way, though, she had. The Little One saw her. That’s amazing.

My Smudgie

My Smudgie

Anyway, my family thought it was awesome that she had met Smudge. My Gramma called a whole lot trying to get us to go over to my Uncle’s but we’re slow so we didn’t get there until like 2 or 3. We all rode over there in my dad’s truck so we were pretty squished but it was nice to be together. When we got there we greeted and hugged and watched my Uncle Bo and Garrett play the Wii that they got for Christmas. Then I got to work making my deviled eggs. My gramma and grandpa had already boiled the eggs so I just had to do the fun part. Nikki was my *can’t spell it* chef and my gramma and grandpa were my taste-testers. They both thought I did a wonderful job. Go me! When I finished that I helped my grandpa put some eggs in his gravy and stir it which seems like nothing but apparently he never lets anyone touch my gravy. I’m special, though. He teaches me his recipes and techniques. He even showed Nikki some tricks which proves he thinks she’s one of the family already. Oh yeah! This trip to Tennessee was the first time Nikki had ever met my grandpa. She likes him. So after all the food was made, we ate dinner. It was tons of food and delicious! We had turkey (with white sauce, of course), ham, green beans, mashed potatoes, deviled eggs, stuffing, hash brown casserole, sweet potatoes, asparagus casserole, pinwheels, delicious gravy and pies. Yum! After we were all stuffed we watched more Wii and Nikki and I got to play a little. Then my gramma, mom, Nikki and I ran downstairs to open presents and everyone followed. I got some awesome presents! I got 3 of my Ranma manga, a really cool painted sign, some dishes with different pictures of sushi and their names on it, a T-shirt from North Carolina and a set of Asian dinnerware to share with Nikki. From my Uncle Bo and Aunt Jen I got Coca-Cola pajama pants! The sign was a wooden sign that was painted that says “Be the kind of person your dog thinks you are.” It was funny because my mom had just opened a sign of her own that said “Home is where the DOG is.” and I said “Aww, we need one like that.” My Gramma pointed to one and it was our sign! I loved taking pictures of everything. After all the presents were opened, Gramma, Nikki and I snuck upstairs so we could eat the pies while everyone else was busy. It was funny. We were all sitting there just digging in by the time everyone else came up. There was more Wii playing but after awhile I went into my gramma’s room and she and my mom and I layed around and talked. Eventually we were joined by Winnie, Nikki, Spunky, Rufus, and my little cousin Will all piled onto one Queen sized bed. It was funny. I took my dad’s Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader and read random stories to everyone. It was pretty late by the time we left. We took food and a couple pies (which sadly have gone bad) home. When we were going to bed that night, Nikki handed me another present. I opened it and I got a Journey MP3 player! It’s so cool! It’s an MP3 player with the Journey logo on it and some Journey songs preloaded on it. I was happy.

The next day we left for Texas, but pretty late and that, my friends, is a story for another day. This one took a long time. I hope you enjoy it!

7 Responses to “Tennessee Christmas”

  1. Nikki Says:

    I wish that I could have met Smudge too, but I’m glad we got just a little glimpse to know she’s still there. She still loves you and she’s still looking out for you. That just proves it. I’m glad you like your MP3 player – even though you haven’t listened to it yet. We will though. I can’t wait to read more of our adventures!

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Sounds like you had an action packed Christmas.

  3. Carrie Says:

    Sous-chef, ^^

    Your sister and I have the same birthday.

    My dad always gets an Uncle’s Johns page-a-day calender for Xmas, partly because they’re entertaining and also because his name is John.

    I glad you finally updated! I was wondering how you and Nikki’s holidays had gone. I had kind of an idea from Nikki’s blog, but I know you’re always detailed in your posts so I was waiting, ^^

    And this might be a weird question, but if you ate shellfish and kissed Nikki, would she have a reaction? (shellfish-allergy related, I mean, ;P)

  4. Mac Says:

    You guys had all sorts of holiday adventures! I’m glad it all went well and you ate wonderful food. It makes me hungry thinking about it! And I love Spunky’s “outfit”. He brings new meaning to the phrase “snow dog”. ^_^ And Smudgie is adorable. I used to have a German Shepard mix, so the picture makes me miss mine a little.

  5. Ash Says:

    Nikki: I’ll listen to it. I just need to load music onto it.

    Jennifer: We did. Our travel is always adventurous!

    Carrie: Thanks for spelling it for me! I couldn’t figure it out. And I love the Uncle John’s stuff. I love trivia. And I’m glad you like my crazily in depth posts. I still have to finish Texas. As for the shellfish question – I don’t know. I decide to avoid finding out by not kissing her afterwards. I don’t think it’s worth it. Heh.

    Mac: It was great food but wait until you hear about the food we got in Texas. And Smudge was adorable. What a sweet puppy.

  6. Says:

    hello…i vote for your blog on bloggers choice awards 2009.
    it will be honour if you would vote for my blog too for foreign language category…success for you!


  7. Jennifer Says:

    So ummmm… what does a girl gotta do to get some updates over here? You need me to say please or something??????


    Carolynn and I miss your pictures.

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