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Am I a Deviant?

So I know I didn’t keep up with my promises of updating but I just haven’t been feeling right lately. That or I’ve been busy or too exhausted from being busy. Yeah, excuses, excuses. But there are tons of things I need to tell everyone about such as Texas Christmas (still!) and going and getting a puppy for my grandma, and exploring a really cool cove out by my uncle’s place, all the places we have as options for moving and there was something else, what was it? Oh yeah, going to the inauguration of President Barack Obama. Ha, I knew I’d forgotten something. ^_- So lots of cool stuff has happened but I’ve also been feeling off. It’s sad. Today was nice, though, because we went outside for awhile and the sun and warmth was great. We’ve also done tons of lounging around.

Sleeping With the Pups

Sleeping With the Pups

So just so people know, I haven’t completely blown my blog off. Today I opened a Flickr account and uploaded (or rather Nikki uploaded) all the photos I’ve posted in my blog so far. This trend will continue. I hope you’ll notice what a huge difference it made in how fast my blog loads. All the Nikon pictures were taking up way too much space so it was near impossible for the page to load. With the flickr account, the speed problem seems to be fixed. I will continue to upload photos to that account and link to them from now on. Of course I was wondering about the quality of my pictures since, well, why did I spend $800 on a camera to stick pictures on the web in crap quality? I want my pictures to mean something. Or rather I mean I want the camera to not have been a complete waste of money. I want to be a photographer but I’m not sure that’s really something I should pursue. Anyone can take pictures, right? I don’t know. Anyway, Nikki suggested I start a Deviant Art account so I can upload my best pictures and people can see them in high quality and in big sizes. I’m not sure, though. Again, I’m not an artist and I guess it just all comes down to self esteem or a lack thereof. Umm, so we’ll see where that goes. Also, Nikki is a sweetheart and is working on updating my blog layout so I can fit more onto it. Isn’t that awesome? I think so anyway.

And since my mind is dead but I know you’ve been missing cute pictures (*insert shout out to Jennifer and Carolynn here*) here are a few I’ve rounded up from our time here in Tennessee. Enjoy!

Here is a kerchief that Nikki made that turned out a bit too small for her to wear…

Its a Babushka Puppy!

It's a Babushka Puppy!

Merlin, our puppy-cat won’t stop bolting the door which is extremely annoying, as I’m sure you can imagine, so we decided to take him and dump him into the snow to see if it would deter him.

He Doesnt Look Deterred

He Doesn't Look Deterred

We should have known considering it didn’t help when we dropped him into an entire snow drift back in Ashland.

And of course, more lounging. I was crowded but happy.

They Love Me!

They Love Me!

5 Responses to “Am I a Deviant?”

  1. Nikki Says:

    These pictures are absolutely adorable. They made me smile so big. I love the one of us lounging. I love just cuddling with you like that (and the kids, of course).

    No one could ever say you aren’t an animal lover. Nor could they say animals don’t love you. Just look at those pictures!


  2. Mac Says:

    Awww….Who needs blankets when you have so many fuzzy animals? And it looks like you have an Ash fan club in the last picture. And I love the snow cat picture.

    And yes, get a deviant art account! I love deviant art. I have one too somewhere…I just have to remember my username and password.

  3. Jennifer Says:

    Yes to the deviant art. I get pictures from there all the time.

    I love the pictures. Carolynn will too when she sees them tomorrow. :)

  4. Jess Says:

    I say yes to the deviantART account too! Let me know when you do so I can friend you and see all you’re awesome pictures! Not sure why but I really like the Merlin picture…maybe it’s his dark fur contracting with the snow…either way very nice.

  5. Ash Says:

    Whoa! Okay, so I guess I should get a deviant art, huh? *shy smile*

    Nikki: I like those pictures too. It shows off some of the family being a family.

    Mac: I guess it is like a fan club, huh? I don’t know what I do to earn their love like that, but people lately have been saying I’m a cat/dog whisperer. *lol*

    Jennifer: I’ll let everyone know when I get a deviant art and thanks for being patient with me.

    Jess: I know I love the digitally manipulated pictures you’ve got up on your DA. And I really like Merlin’s picture too – though I don’t know exactly why either. Good timing?

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