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Trans-Species Love

Today I didn’t know what to write about because I had so much on my mind. I feel kind of defeated today. It wasn’t too bad, though. This morning my gramma called and said she was coming over. That made me happy. She brought Brody too (the puppy that I’ll introduce tomorrow). I love him and he’s such a sweet boy. Anyway, we (me, Nikki, Winnie, my gramma and all the dogs) went out for Taco Bell then we drove into town just to drive. We picked up some Subway for my mom and then we stopped at a toy outlet that was going out of business. I wish we’d gone earlier because it was next to empty but we still got lots of cool stuff. Right when we walked in I saw that there were Godzilla figures and I ended up getting a 6.5″ Godzilla and a 12″ Mechagodzilla. Now I want to look up more Godzilla stuff and collect that. I love Godzilla. And we’re talking old school Godzilla, NOT the Matthew Broderick one. That thing looked nothing like Godzilla AND you can’t kill Godzilla! That’s the whole point! He’ll always come back! He just needs to be recharged by a lightning bolt or by chilling for awhile at the bottom of the ocean. He’s Godzilla! He’s the best! Mothera’s cool too, of course, ’cause he’s got the singing twins and all, but Godzilla is the king! *happy* Oh, and Godzilla is a thing between me and my dad so I called him up and told him and he thought it was cool. He said he had a figure when he was younger but he doesn’t know where it is right now and that he gave me Godzilla feel to stomp around in to annoy my mom when I was younger and I told him I remember them and we actually still have them downstairs. Yay Tangent. So some other things we got at the store were a cute little Yoshi figurine and a small Pluto stuffed animal. They’re both so cute. We also all three got an egg thing that you put in water and it hatches into a mystery something in 24-48 hours and we’ve been on egg watch for a few hours now. Heh.

After that we went to the Hallmark store which I didn’t think I would like but then I found the Disney figurines and got lost in them. I LOVE Disney stuff but it’s so dang expensive. Of course, I think it’s always worth it if you can afford it because Disney stuff is always well made. Anyway, Nikki and I want to collect those as well. They had an awesome Winnie the Pooh and Piglet being pirates on a boat book-ends and a cool Christmas figurine with Chip and Dale when Chip’s wearing the Santa outfit and his hat is on fire and Dale’s putting it out. I know some of you have got to know what I’m talking about. Anyway, that’s the kind of things I love and I can’t wait until Nikki and I can get settled enough and make enough money to start buying things like that that make us happy. Ha, we’ll have $150 Disney figurines in the same room as $5 Yoshi’s and Godzilla’s because, really, isn’t your happiness what counts? Yeah. Also, they had a little button that you pressed and it played the entire Twilight Zone theme song and that made me happy because I love the Twilight Zone – it’s another thing my dad and I share.

So some sad news I found out today, however, is that Brad, the man that ran the State Inspector attached to my dad’s car wash killed himself over the weekend. No note. No seeing it coming. It just happened. It made me sad then mad then numb. I’ve known him since I was at least 12 and it’s just one of those things. My poor dad. First his car wash was down for 5 months due to vandalism, then his girlfriend died a couple months ago and now one of his friend’s killed himself. It’s just beyond. . . I don’t even know. I really want to get to Austin soon so I can take care of him, if you know what I mean. I’m his only child (well, he has Celia’s son that he kind of adopted as family, but you know). I just want him to be okay. We’re going to visit next month when Mac is down there for class so we can meet her and go job hunting. I think that made my dad happy.

Umm, my gramma left pretty soon after we got back – not sure why. She’s really unhappy lately too. I just wish I could cheer everyone up but it really is true that you can’t make anyone else happy. Too bad, though, because I care enough to keep trying. I tried to teach her some tricks to work on with Brody but we’ll see what happens. He’s a puppy. It’s all just going to take time. We’ve got plans set to visit the Knoxville Zoo with her and maybe my grandpa next Saturday so Nikki and I are both excited for that. Umm, after she left Nikki and I worked on our taxes because I got my W-2 today and I know I’m going to lose it if I try to wait until April. I’m still trying to figure out if I qualify for the Recovery Rebate Credit. *shrug* A little while later, Winnie, Nikki and I watched The Huncback of Notre Dame and we all got excited because we’d forgotton how much we liked it – especially the music. So powerful it gives you goosebumps! Then we made some really good alfredo with chicken. My mom woke up to make it with me and teach me. I now know how to make homemade alfredo sauce and that chicken soaked in olive oil and herbs is good. Umm, I messed up though and got upset over something stupid and my mom got upset because of that so she went back into her room. Winnie went to bed because she has school tomorrow, so it’s just me and Nikki again – and the pups and Tigerlily. Now we’re going to watch Iron Chef America and go to bed. Thus ends the post that was just supposed to be something really quick. Heh, I just got excited over my new toys, I guess. ^_^

Here’s some pictures from earlier today. We took the girls out for awhile when we were watching the movie.

Meetu Hanging Out in My Hood

Meetu Hanging Out in My Hood

And this picture is so adorable.

Zane and Morgan Love Each Other Too!

Zane and Morgan Love Each Other Too!

Good night all! And just remember, if a cat and a rat can be friends like this, then there is always hope for the world!

3 Responses to “Trans-Species Love”

  1. Nikki Says:

    I’m sorry I made things harder tonight. We’ve all got cabin-fever. Winnie was right – we all just need to get out. Nothing this evening was your fault, so stop blaming yourself. Things just happened and we have to deal with it.

    Those pictures are adorable and I’m glad the girls got to come play tonight. They liked the movie too. Such good music.

    I love you, Sweetheart. I do.

  2. Mac Says:

    It definitely sounds like you need a break from everything. And I’m sorry about all the stuff your dad is going through, but I also think that having your support will help. And you’ll be in Austin soon! I hope that will be enough give you a vacation from being an adult for awhile…I’m sure I’ll get at least a day or two off while I’m down there. The professor that is taking us is pretty lenient about everything.

    Awww….inter-species love. Just adorable. Now you’ll just have to prove that a cat and a fish can get along. ^_- By the way, is Aristotle still doing well?

    And yes, Disney is the best. And I love the song “God Help the Outcasts” from that movie. Glad I’m not the only one who enjoys disney movies still.

  3. Jennifer Says:

    Yes, I was wondering how the fishies did in your move. The pictures are so cute. I also love Disney. It is beautifully crafted artwork. I have it on the walls of my living room and would love to buy those figures. We had a Disneyland annual passes a few years a go and we went all the time. Maybe we should get some again. :)

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