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Oh My Aching Back!

So since I get so far behind in this blog because I’m slow at everything I do and not given the proper time to finish an entry I’m going to write things in bits and pieces until I’m caught up. You probably don’t care but hey, you can skip it. I want to remember so I need to write it down. It’s already faded. So here we go!

Okay, I never ever have time to write anymore. Which may sound weird seeing as I think I do absolutely nothing anymore. But that’s because I get trapped into wasting my entire day watching TV. The Tivo is an addicting agent, I feel. Seriously! I can use it and it’s cool so you don’t have to watch commercials and can see things you missed but people can become slaves to it as well. Okay, people, is it really necessary to save so much crap on your Tivo that even if you watched it 24/7 you wouldn’t be able to keep up? At some point you just need to let it go. Save your absolute favorite stuff and then everything else, especially the ones that repeat all the time, just try to catch it on live TV and if you don’t then just wait for the next time. I hate feeling trapped by a damn machine. It’s just like with cell phones. Technology meant to free us actually ends up enslaving us!

Enough of that. Things have been up and down around here lately. I love having my family around but it’s also really hard moving back in under someone else’s roof when you’ve been living on your own for 5 years. I want to be in control but I don’t really have any. I’m very particular about certain things (yes, perhaps too much so) and nothing here is exactly the way I’d like it. At least Nikki and I have our own room now. That’s right, we finally got down to work the other day with my mom and moved the couch, chair and big screen TV out of the room and into the living room. We were then able to bring our bed in from the front porch and garage and slept in our very own bed for the first time. It was nice, though I think we’re going to add some padding to it because the futon is slightly harder than we’d like. Anyway, there has been a lot of other moving and rearranging to try and accommodate us and this shuffling of room and while it’s slow going, it’s nice to see the progress. Our room feels more and more like our own space every day and it really does lift one’s spirits to have a place they can call their own. Of course, we still long for an entire place to ourselves (well, a roommate would be nice) but we’re trying to make due with what we have at the moment. I wanted to be here in Tennessee to have family around but it’s not exactly as I’d imagined. I still hardly see my grandparents and Winnie is barely around as well. Plus since we’re basically trapped here with no jobs and no friends, we get irritated with my mom just because we’re together too much. It’s crazy. How does that happen? I guess people, while social, still need time to themselves just to be.


Okay, so Christmas in Texas, right? Haha, yeah, that thing that happened 2 months ago? Here we go. So we left Tennessee pretty late the day after Christmas because, well, we always take longer than we mean to to pack up and get going. Plus my mom was finishing presents for my nieces and we were trying to watch Speed Racer before we left since it was from Netflix and my mom wanted to send it back. We ended up taking it with us. The car ride down was long and uncomfortable. We took my car but since I have poor driving vision at night (I’m fine in the dark but lights really mess me up for awhile) Nikki and I sat in back with Spunky in between us for the whole ride down. Spunky was pretty miserable and kept trying to make his way into the front seat and eventually ended up curled up in the floor. Yeah, you know how big Spunky is (at least through pictures). I still have no idea how he managed it but he did. Poor pup. The only nice part of driving down was talking with people and having Chik-fil-A for dinner. Their chicken sandwiches are good! So yeah, Nikki and I laid in a thousand different positions trying to sleep and while we did get some rest, it obviously wasn’t the best. We finally arrived in Austin (or rather Round Rock) sometime around 9 or 10 in the morning. We went straight to Courtney’s since we were all together and my dad wasn’t letting us stay with him anyway. He’s got no problem with me or Nikki or anything like that but he said his house was too messy. I think he hadn’t cleaned it at all since his girlfriend died which I can’t blame him for since of course he’d be depressed. Anyway, we got there and I got to meet my second niece, Emerson or Emmy, for the first time.

Isnt She Adorable?

Isn't She Adorable?

She was already 6 months old by the time I got to see her. That’s why I want to move closer. I missed Izzy growing up (she’s SO old at 4.5! ^_-) and I want to be around more for Emmy, plus get closer to Izzy. When Izzy was a baby, she thought I hung the moon. I was the coolest chick on the planet just because I could hold water in my hand. I love little kids and they love me. I think I make a good aunt. Anyway, I met Emmy and Izzy was really excited to see us. Spunky and Mia, Courtney’s dog ran around greeting one another and we were all just happy to be out of the car. We even went so far as to wake up Ryan, my brother. Heh. I called my dad to let him know we were there but we didn’t even see him that day. We just hung out at Courtney’s and played with their Wii and watched Ryan and Harry play some shoot-em-up X-Box 360 game. I’m not sure what we had to eat that night but I’m sure it was good and cost a lot. Yeah, it always happened like that. We ate out ALL THE TIME! Oh man.


So there’s your little slice of back story. Now for the present. We’ve been doing so much moving and rearranging and cleaning lately. Last week, my mom, Nikki and I were really cool and took down and hooked up the cable in our house all by ourselves. It was tough! We had to go into the basement, pull the cable down from my mom’s room, pull down the cable from the living room and then put the cable from my mom’s room back up through the living room. Tougher than it sounds because the cable in the living room is in the wall, not the floor. This means it had to go through insulation. At one point, the string my mom had been using to pull it up snapped and we thought all was lost but I wasn’t about to give up so I started pulling the insulation out of the wall until I found the cable. It was a good feeling!

Ah Yes, The Great Cable Caper!

Ah Yes, The Great Cable Caper!

Three days ago we moved chests and the sofa and tons of pictures and carpets and this and that back and forth across the house. In the end we had the living room packed in all tight so we could create more space in the new TV room. Nikki’s and my room was pretty messy, though, since all of our stuff got shoved in there to make room. Oh man was it a disaster! Anyway, we went to work on it and it’s now pretty nice. Yesterday my gramma and grandpa came over about midday because my mom had asked my grandpa to come help with a list of “chores”. It was all electronic or fixing things and he doesn’t mind because it makes him feel good and useful. Nikki and I ran around and finished setting up our room so we could show it off. After that my grandpa, Nikki and I went to Walmart (and a couple other stores) to buy some food and supplies for my grandpa’s fixing jobs. It was fun spending time with my grandpa and we kept teasing Nikki because she was practically falling asleep in the store. When we got back my grandpa taught me how to repair the vacuum cord that Brody had chewed through and my mom finished making her spaghetti. We had a nice dinner and after a couple 3rd Rocks my grandparents went home. After that Nikki and I were going to go to sleep but ended up staying awake for like 4 hours. Wanna know why? Because you guys told me to start a deviantART account and I listened. That’s right. I’m sure you all know by now, but my account there is forpawz (surprise, surprise). So yeah, I got sucked into DA and have spent the last many days browsing through tons and tons of artwork, especially photos. Oh man I am so blown away by these other people! They are amazing and I really wish I could learn tricks of the trade from them. The problem with it is that I look at galleries I like and favorite like half the pictures and then I see something really beautiful in those people’s favorites and have to open it which means I have to look at their gallery and then favorites and it’s like the damn Energizer Bunny. *shakes head* I guess you could say I’m addicted. Oh well. Today was nice. Nikki and I slept in a bit then Nikki worked a ton on her portfolio and making a new blog theme and such. She’s so good! She’s amazing, actually. And she possibly has her first client! Go her! I watched some of the Dark Knight and Grace Is Gone, a John Cusack movie so Nikki could have the time to get everything done. BUT! The fun thing today was that we took the puppies on an hour long walk and it was nice. It was warm and the sky was pretty and the dogs behaved really well. We took a different route than last time and figured out some of the back ways around here. We also thought about me trying to start a dog walking job around here for all the old people. That and my pet photography. I need to get better first though. Anyway, I loved the walk and it cheered Nikki and I right up.

Walking the Pups!

Walking the Pups!

Another story to remember from today? So Nikki took the three dogs out and then I hear the most pitiful meowing. I look over and Merlin is in front of the door meowing because he wants to go out and join the “other puppies”. It was such a sad little sound that I got up and took him outside in my arms so he could be happy. Such a silly kitten.

So there it is – a real live update! Now I’m going to go for the night and finish watching House. Good night everyone!

And now for more obligatory cuteness:

Merlin Doing His Best Sphinx Interpretation

Merlin Doing His Best Sphinx Interpretation

3 Responses to “Oh My Aching Back!”

  1. Nikki Says:

    My Sunshine! That was a lot of catching up to do and you condensed it really well. I miss Austin. We did so much stuff there in so little time, but there’s still so much left to do! I can’t wait till we’re done there to live. It’s going to be fantastic.

    I love that picture of you and the pups walking. You’re adorable.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Yay! An update. :)

  3. mac Says:

    Merlin thinks he’s a puppy now? That’s cute. ^_^ And yes, DeviantArt is addicting.

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