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Justice For Dusty!

What have I been up to lately? Not much, really. Not much and yet I never seem to find the time to do anything. DA has taken over my life, though I have been learning basic Photoshop and uploading more photos to my account (forpawz, in case you forgot). I’m hoping to become something someday. Very vague aspirations, huh? Well, it’s hard to fail that way. Other random things? I’ve been missing Brody a lot and have been baraged by opinions thrust at me over what I should do with my life. It’s great. *drowns in own puddle of sarcasm*

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to update but I just came across something that made me NEED to write this. I just now found out about the plight of Dusty the cat (as well as another cat) that was tortured by a POS child who should have much worse done to him. It’s a big story, but if you haven’t heard it, then take a look at these:

(EDIT: While the second link is good for providing more information, I don’t exactly condone all the messages it sends. I certainly am appalled by some of the pictures they decided to post.)

Someone invited me to a Facebook group about Avenging Dusty and that’s how I found out. It makes me sad and it makes me sick and it makes me beyond pissed! These pieces of filth are going around abusing their own pet! Can you say future serial killers? I’m not even kidding! Those boys will get off with nothing more than some community service and then they’ll be free to torture more animals before moving onto humans. Not that I feel animal abuse is any less evil than harming humans but that’s all the law really cares about and you know what, it will be too late at that point. I wish bad things upon people that do this. It happens all the time. Even big time sports heroes kill dogs for the Hell of it. WHAT THE F**K IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?

(EDIT: I forgot to mention when I published this that while this shows some of the darkest depths of humanity, it also reveals something that gives me hope. When you look on YouTube, sometimes all you see is people calling people/videos gay or much worse. But it was people on YouTube and other internet sites that were so appalled by what they saw that they skillfully tracked down these horrible people and turned them in to the authorities. Doesn’t that give you at least some reason to smile?)

This is just another example of why I would always choose animals over humans. And you know why? You know what is going to happen to Dusty? He is going to be adopted out to someone else and guess what? He is going to LOVE that person! That sentence just now brought tears to my eyes. Animals are SO loving and SO forgiving that he will go and he will love his new family as if he had never been hurt. THAT is what makes animals the higher beings. THAT is what makes me stand in awe of them. If ONLY people could be more like animals – the world would be a much better place!

Just think about it.

And – go run off right now and hug your furry kids, if you can. Promise them that they will always be under your loving care. Let them know how grateful you are that they are in your lives. Tell them that someday the world will be as it should be and that you will fight for that end until it becomes a reality. They believe in you, I know it.

Merlin Enjoying Being Outside

Merlin Enjoying Being Outside

Zane & Akima Being All Lovey

Zane & Akima Being All Lovey

Tigerlilly Wrapped Up All Comfy Like

Tigerlilly Wrapped Up All Comfy Like

An Older Photo of Gracie

An Older Photo of Gracie

I wanted to show some very loved kittens to counteract the horribleness of this post’s subject. I wish I had pictures of other the other kitties from my life, but unfortunately they were from before a digital camera. I love you, too, Shakespeare, Screech, Cutie/Gato, Tiger, Little Bit and Noodles. RIP my friends.

2 Responses to “Justice For Dusty!”

  1. Nikki Says:

    And you, my darling, I stand in awe of you. You made me cry in amazement of you. I am loved by the most wonderful person on Earth. I am the luckiest person in the whole world, and our kittens are the luckiest cats too. I am so in love with you.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    People like that grow up to be people I encounter at my job.

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