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My Thoughts Are Flooded

Hey everyone! Oh man, have there been some things going on that are yanking on my heart and mind. First, I’ve been trying to make an impact on the world. I want to be someone. I want to help the world become a better place. I guess I’ve been inspired by lots of things. So I started writing a letter to one of my mom’s friend’s a couple weeks ago and finished and sent it to her yesterday. This woman is amazing! She has lived all over the world, in all hemispheres, in North America, Europe and Asia. She has traveled even more places and written for travel magazines and taken amazing photographs. Now she lives in Canada and guides a few safaris to Africa each year. It’s mind blowing! She’s like an embodiment of my hopes and dreams (though I’d also want some more hands-on work with animals). Anyway, if you ever want to check it out, her website is So there’s that.

Then there’s the Dusty thing. It got me thinking. I didn’t like that one site that I showed you since most of the messages were negative. It made me want to start a new site that had nothing but good thoughts and images. Kind of like what I did with mine. Just showing all the loved cats and other animals out there.

Random Thought: I want a hungry! You know, that cute little orange dude from the weightwatchers commercials! He’s got eyebrows just like me! *does eyebrow things just to prove it*

Anyway, I think it would be a good place. You know, kind of like what I wanted to do with this place but it just didn’t turn out that way. People could send in pictures of happy animals and it would put some love in the world. Then that got me thinking about an idea I thought of awhile ago where I wanted to make a site called I Love Shelter Dogs which then became Animals. But yeah. Just a bunch of pictures and stories of animals rescued from shelters. We could have features and obviously link to the ASPCA and Petfinder and other such sites. And I could start a resources page for shelters around the country. I know there’s lists like that other places, but could it hurt? But basically, I think it’d be good because people can talk about numbers and statistics regarding shelter animals but if you put faces to those beautiful souls that were rescued, I think it would have a stronger impact on people. Besides, who doesn’t want to show off their wonderful rescue babies? Anyway, it’s something I really want to do but I don’t have the expertise to make a site like that and Nikki is busy doing real work. Still, what do y’all think?

Then, yesterday we went to the pet store in town that we hadn’t been to before and found the cutest little ferrets. Now we’ve agreed to not get any more little ones but we figured looking wouldn’t hurt. We’ve turned away from plenty of cute babies before. There were 4 ferrets there, 2 light and 2 very dark. The dark ones were TINY (as in too young to be there, really) and boy were they feisty! As in pretty mean. These things were smaller than our girl rats and yet one of them bit the crap outta me. It’s okay, though, because I’m pretty used to ferret bites so when it’s just my hands I can take it (though feet and face will ALWAYS hurt). Anyway, I like the lighter ones and Nikki and I fell in love with this cute little girl. She looked a lot like a lighter Nate and while the other light girl was prettier, she was sleeping most of the time so we didn’t get to know her. We also looked at the bunnies, birds and reptiles there. My mom had this sulfur crested cockatoo totally in love with her and giving her kisses and dancing with us and all. But really, most of the hour and some we spent there was with the ferrets. Oh man did we want to bring her home! But I’m responsible and Nikki doesn’t have the money so we came home without her. Still, we couldn’t get her off our minds. We said no more little ones but we’ve also wanted to get the boys a little sister for a long time. See, I like having 3 ferrets because when the unthinkable happens and you lose one, it’s really nice for the there to be more than one remaining because ferrets get MAJORLY depressed when they lose friends. Drake is around 5 now and Nate is around3 so it’s already time for a new one if you go by my timeline. Plus, it’s not like we’re just racing out on a whim. Our Jingles died in August of last year. I still haven’t talked about him because it was too hard but I’m thinking it’ll be time soon. *sigh* Anyway, we kept thinking about the ferret and so today we decided to go back. We couldn’t decide if we wanted her to be there or not because we knew it’d be hard to leave again. When we go there, the two dark ones had been sold – in ONE day! The lighter ones were still there, though. Funny thing, we fell in love with the other girl today. The one that is, I hate to say it, prettier. Obviously they’re all adorable but this one is VERY light, where her head is almost white and it continues down into a triangle on her chest. And we actually got to play with her today and she was just as sweet and her ruby eyes are so beautiful. Oh, and at one point I dropped her, on hard floor. Okay, so she leaped from my back, but I still felt bad. Seriously, I can still hear that sickening thud in my head. I checked her over and she seemed to be okay. *big breath* Leaving today was even harder. We so wanted to be able to take her home! Of course, we’d feel bad splitting them up, but there’s no way we could afford 2. Hell, we can’t even afford the one. Well, I wish I could spend my money on her but I really just shouldn’t. I wish I had started my dog walking/pet photography/training/pet sitting job already. Then I’d know I had money coming. But, it’s just a bad idea. And that sucks. I don’t know why we’re so attached this time. It just happens like that sometimes. Man, if only. I just know they’re going to be gone before we could get the funds. I just told them I loved them and that I hoped they got good homes.  Meh. Don’t know what else to say about that.

And, I hate watching shows where women, especially big women or non-white women, are so close to winning things and then they lose. Like the Wheel of Fortune I’m watching right now. Why am I so empathetic towards people like that? I don’t know, but this silly old show is really getting to me. I hurt watching her feel dumb/sad. What is wrong with me? Oh YAY! The woman just won $4500 in the speed round and it make me so happy! ^_^

And down goes my mood. I also forgot to mention that earlier I gave the rats some tortilla bits for a treat and then I saw that Morgan was choking on it. I got a little scared and told Nikki to look up what to do. See, I had a hamster die in my hands because he choked to death. That was my little Squirt. It had happened a few times before and I’d always managed to save him but then… I just couldn’t do it again. He died right there because I couldn’t help him in time. Yeah. Anyway, she seemed to get over it on her own pretty quickly but then we got more bad news. I looked at her as she climbed up onto the bars and saw a lump under her armpit. Our little baby has a tumor. I’m almost positive it’s a mammary tumor which is common in female rats and almost completely benign. I had a rat, Liney, who had two and they both grew to about the size of a ping pong ball but they didn’t really harm her. As long as they can still move, it’s best to just let them be. If they get too big for them to function, then it’s time to consider surgery. So yeah, lots of things happening lately. It’s no fun.

But back up again? We’ve been letting Nate and Drake run around our room for awhile for the past 2 days. It’s messy in here so we were worried it wasn’t ferret proof but it turns out that everything is fine. It’s great to be able to let them romp around again. I know they appreciate it. Also, we cleaned all the rats cages today so they all got to come out and play too, even Chunky. Of course, he was a scaredy boy and he hid under the bed and then hopped right back into his cage when it was done being cleaned. But at least he still had an adventure. Okay, this is very much long enough. Good night all!

Nikki Playing With the Girls

Nikki Playing With the Girls

Nate Attacking a Plastic Bag

Nate Attacking a Plastic Bag

Nate Standing Up to Check Out the Camera

Drake Standing Up to Check Out the Camera

4 Responses to “My Thoughts Are Flooded”

  1. Nikki Says:

    I wish, I wish, I wish I could get that little girl for you. I’m sorry I don’t have the money. I’m so bad at saving up. I suck.

    *huge hugs* I still love you. And I want to get that site of yours up and running! What a great idea! I am all for it and I’m sure you could get it going big. We’d start a message board and everything. It’s going to be awesome.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Well, I wrote you like a book instead of a comment, so I didn’t leave it here and take up all your space. Send an email and I’ll email you my comment. :)

  3. Mac Says:

    I want to travel more too… *sigh* I wish it didn’t require so much money…

    And sorry about the ferret. But I’m sure you will find another girl/boy that you will love just as much. It reminds me of an albino ferret that I really loved that was at the animal shelter I volunteered at in high school. He went to a good home, but I begged my parents for him.

    And I like the underdogs on game shows to win too. Maybe I’m just a touchy-feely person at heart.

  4. Ash Says:

    Nikki: I do still want to get that shelter animal site going. It could be great!

    Jennifer: Thanks for the comment/email. It made me feel a lot better. I just need to calm down and not be so down on myself. Thanks again for caring enough to take the time to write that.

    Mac: It’s okay about the ferret. There is someone else out there that needs us more. When it’s right, everything will fall into place. And some day we’ll have enough money to travel or, better yet, get paid to do it! Yeah! Let’s do that!

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