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On A Roll!

So lately I’ve been trying to be more productive. Nikki has been being so good lately! She’s been working so hard on her new design site and it is SO CLOSE to being done! I can’t wait until she gets all the last little kinks worked out and opens it! It will be great! It looks really neat and professional and she has thought of absolutely EVERYTHING! I’m so excited and proud of her. Once that’s up and running she can focus more on making new themes which I think she really likes. I’m really impressed by her. Unfortunately, she’s also sick for the first time, pretty much, since we moved here. The warmer weather was really helping her immune system but something slipped by and knocked her on her butt. Or rather, it should have, but she likes to pretend like she’s Wonder Woman so she pushes herself and makes it worse. Like she said, though, she actually did take it easy today, with only minimal computer time and some knitting.

This past Saturday we went to Knoxville with my grandparents and Winnie. I really wanted it to be fun and some of it was but for some reason, the day was just kind of blah. We went to an Asian market which was cool but it wasn’t the one we were supposed to go to. Still, I bought Nikki and I some candy (Pocky and YanYan or something like that) and some orange drink she likes. We also went to Best Buy and played with the video games while my grandpa picked up his repaired computer. We also went to the pet store that Nikki and I went to on our anniversary/Valentine’s Day (oh crap, never wrote about it) and saw that the blizzard leopard gecko is still there but we didn’t get him. Finally, we ate at Salsaritas (like Chipotle) and went home. Actually, Nikki ended up getting sick at the restaurant so she didn’t eat. Poor baby. On the way back we talked about how the economy is crap and I think that led to us feeling down too. Umm, when we got back we watched some Academy Awards but once my grandparents left I stopped watching because I find that stuff boring. It was nice to play with Brody, though. I miss him.

So with the animal stuff I was talking about in the last post. Well, we decided to get that one girl ferret but when we went to get her, she had been sold ealier that day. It was a big downer. Then I fell in love with a cute little white with dusty ears and nose but we didn’t get it either. I wanted to but I knew we shouldn’t. It sucked, though, because there were stupid boys there that wanted to get the same little bunny and to keep it in a live trap. One even said he promised not to shoot it. Great. But yeah, we decided not to get any animals for now. I really wanted one since I had gotten into that new animal mode but I know it’s for the best. So instead of getting a new animal right now, I decided to spend my money on taking care of the ones we already have. Now, obviously I take care of them, but I mean routine vet care. I decided to go ahead and take the kitties in for their shots so they will be up to date on everything. This means I won’t have to worry about it when Merlin bolts the door and I can start volunteering at a shelter around here and I won’t put my own kids at risk. Spunky is all fine because he had to be up to date so I could work at the kennels. After the cats, we’ll just have to get Rufus up to date and then everything will be great. Umm, also, besides getting shots, I’ve decided to finally get Akima spayed. Now, before you get mad that she’s almost 4 and only now getting spayed, let me explain. Akima came straight from the pound in Ashland, not the shelter, so she wasn’t spayed when I got her. I was going to get her spayed right away but I got a bad feeling whenever I thought about her going under. I’ve learned to listen to my feelings so I waited. Then when I had no more bad feelings, the problem was that I had no money. I finally started making money this past summer but by then I thought I’d wait until we were here since the vets up there are corrupt and money hungry. So that is why she is getting spayed now. Tomorrow morning a little after 7:30 in fact. Queue me getting nervous. I always get nervous when kids go in and have to be put under. Of course I do. You worry about people too. But see, I’m also hanging under this huge cloud of guilt. I feel so bad that I waited this long. This is my baby and I feel like I’ve put her at huge risk because I didn’t just go ahead and do it when she was a kitten, before her first heat. If i had spayed her on time then her risk of mammary cancer would have been reduced by a huge amount. Now she’s just as susceptible as a non-spayed cat. Of course, she won’t be at risk for uterine or cervical cancer anymore but still. I feel like a failure. Nikki tells me that it was good to listen to my feelings but I still should have done it sooner. If my kitten gets that cancer later on in life I don’t know what I’ll do. Anyway, for now, I just want tomorrow to go smoothly with NO complications. Please keep her in your thoughts and send her well wishes? I truly appreciate it. It helped Gracie, after all! So yeah, tomorrow we drop Akima off at 7:30 in the morning and then when we go in to pick her up at 4:30, we also bring the boys and they get all their shots (or in Merlin’s case, start boosters). In total it’ll come to over $300, which sucks, but I want my kids to be healthy and safe.

Okay, now for the productive part. Most of you know, I’m sure, but I worked a lot today on defining and setting rates for different pet care services. (h njj                       ~Zane) If you haven’t already looked at it, I’d appreciate anyone else checking out my Livejournal: forpawz. I’m going to add more as I go along and I’ll be dropping off more flyers around town. Nikki made me really nice looking ones. Then it’ll just be up to the universe to hopefully answer. Anyway, I want to thank all of you for offering me so much support. I do get down and feel like I’ll never do anything but you don’t give up on me and when I put my mind to something, I can get it done.  ^_^

And now for your favorite part: the photos!

Drake Stealing Some of My Desert

Drake Stealing Some of My Desert

Nate Climbing the Bed

Nate Climbing the Bed

My Mom and I Grooming Rufus

My Mom and I Grooming Rufus

Giving Spunky a Manicure - Spoiled Pup!

Giving Spunky a Manicure - Spoiled Pup!

Akima Being Cute and Playing Around

Akima Being Cute and Playing Around

Again, please send Akima your well wishes. Let her heal quickly and be back to her cute little self very soon! I love you, kitten! And everyone, of course!

7 Responses to “On A Roll!”

  1. Nikki Says:

    I’m sending out every wish tonight for Akima. Maybe she’ll cuddle with us tonight while we sleep.

    And, Sunshine, I’m so proud of you for everything you’ve done today. You’ve been so productive and optimistic and hopeful, and it means so much to me that you’re really moving forward with everything. I don’t know if it’s true, but I feel like maybe I’ve helped you a little bit and that somehow I contributed to how much goodness you’re putting out into the world. Does that make sense? It’s just, you’ve got so much focus on making the lives of animals so much better, and that is so amazing. I love you so much and I am so lucky to have you in my life.

    You are beautiful!

  2. Jennifer Says:

    I am sure the little kitty will be fine. It is a pretty routine procedure and I just know it will go smoothly. I am glad you got all the little critters all fixed up, even at the cost.

    Stay positive.

  3. Carrie Says:

    *is wondering how Miss Akima did*

    Also, there’s this nasty thing called pyometra that she won’t get either. Basically the uterus gets infected and fills with pus. It’s one of the most disgusting things I’ve seen since starting at the clinic.

    And because I’m curious and in the business, do you know how they did the surgery, i.e. scalpel or laser? Did they send her home on pain meds? I know I’m nosy, I just want to be sure she’s recovers well!

  4. Ash Says:

    Nikki: You have helped me! You went ahead and worked towards something and now you’re seeing the fruit of your labors. It made me want to do the same.

    Jennifer: She’s fine and I’m glad to get them up to date too. I do the best I can when I can. The kids come before we do – we never go to the doctor.

    Carrie: Akima did great. No complications. And thanks for letting me know about something else nasty she won’t get. Also, I’m not sure which they did, actually. I’m guessing since it was only $125 or so that it was a scalpel. No pain meds and no collar unless she starts messing with her stitch. And it’s not really nosy, I’m interested in these things too. Thanks for asking!

  5. Carrie Says:

    That’s great!

    Wow, $125 is a great price, at least for my area, ^^ Hopefully they gave her a long-lasting pain injection at the hospital. We don’t send a collar home with spays and neuters either. It’s weird, but those surgeries rarely bother their incisions, whereas every other surgery usually does!

    Oh, and one other she won’t get….pregnant!

    I’m happy she did well, ^^

  6. Mac Says:

    I’m so glad Akima is doing well! And Drake looks like he eats tastier food than I do. Not fair! You are such a good mom to them.

  7. Ash Says:

    Thanks, Carrie!

    And thanks to you too, Mac. Sometimes I let Drake sneak a little bit of my food. Not too much, since ferrets can’t handle too much sugar, but I like to spoil him sometimes.

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