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Make a Difference!

Hey everyone! Today started out rather tough because I was feeling sick and was in a grumpy mood but we (me, Nikki and Momma) came out to my gramma and grandpa’s and it’s been better since then. Actually, one part kinda sucked. Anyway, when we got here my grandpa went to Walmart and Nikki and I played on the Wii. I’m better at the shooting game but she and LS are better at the people finder one. Then my gramma and I played the shooting one and I beat her pretty bad but it’s cool because my gramma knows how to play the Wii! How many other people can say that? I’d bet not many. After my little cousin woke up, he and I played the tank game a bit and then we went downstairs to watch W. We didn’t finish it and so far I find it really boring. My mom and gramma like it thought.

When my grandpa came back he told me that one of my tires was completely flat. Great. So Nikki and I go out there and it turns out that it’s the valve that’s slit so there’s no way for us to fix it. So we put my spare on which is a real tire, not a donut, which is nice. My dad always gets me my tires from Discount Tire and they’re awesome because they have an 80,000 mile warranty on them. These tires are only 20,000 miles old so they’re covered and it’ll be free to get the one fixed and my tires rotated. Cool, huh? The only downside is that the nearest one to us is over an hour away but oh well. At least I don’t have to buy a whole new tire. Mine are nice. Anyway, it just sucks because I hate that so much bad stuff is happening to my car. First it gets hit sitting in a parking lot, then they don’t fix it right, then the skirt around the front tire comes out as we’re driving down the road at 70 mph, then the front light comes out of place, the passenger side mirror breaks internally, the fuel injector gets gunky and now this. *big breath* All in like 4 months. Blah. I just need more money to fix it all up again. Plus, I went out and sat in my little truck with Nikki and now I want to fix it up. I should probably just sell it but I couldn’t buy another car or truck with the money I got from it. It needs a new battery and some wires replaced in it but the tires and the transmission are pretty much brand new. If I could fix it up then I could take it down for my dad to use when we move there but then if I ever needed a truck we could trade cars for awhile. Plus, the truck has sentimental value since it was my first ever vehicle and it was my gramma’s and she gave it to me. So anyway, I’m going to have to think it through and make a decision.

Tonight we made some really nummy taco bean dip (which Nikki posted in her blog) and my gramma made chili. Spunky had lots of fun licking the mayo off of the spoons.  I stuffed myself on the dip and chili and Mexican cornbread. Now I’m on here real quick (yeah right) to share some links with you.

See, I forgot to tell everyone yesterday that I entered Spunky into the February dog photo contest at and while it didn’t win, it did make it into the honorable mentions. Yeah, there’s 150 honorable mentions, but they said they received over 1300 that month so I feel really good about that. The photo I sent in is one from Rock Knob in Duluth, MN where Spunky was being all super dog and I really love the shot. It’s up on my DA but I’ll post it here so you can see. Also, if you don’t believe me, you can see his honorable mention here.

Spunky Being a Super Dog

Spunky Being a Super Dog

I love this picture!

Also, I found a cool article about a bill recently introduced into Congress that could help save the wild horses of the American west.

Wouldn’t it be great if it passed?

And, if you feel like making a difference yourself, you could sign this petition about saving monk seals:

Also, I must say that I’m proud of myself for getting all these “fancy” picture links to work, with Nikki’s help of course.

3 Responses to “Make a Difference!”

  1. Nikki Says:

    Yay for good food and happy pups! I’m so proud of you and I love you and you are amazing.

    That’s all. ^_~

  2. Mac Says:

    I hate car problems. My car has a worthless battery at the moment, and I don’t have any money to fix it. So I basically don’t have a car. >.<

    Spunky looks so regal. Great picture and congrats!

    And the wild horse bill makes me happy. We have a wild horse herd in the BLM lands about an hour or two away from my family’s house, and it always depresses me when they round them up and auction them off…It wouldn’t be so bad if they made sure that the horses were being auctioned off to worthy owners. But most of the time, that isn’t the case.

  3. Ash Says:

    Nikki: Thanks. *blush* That’s all.

    Mac: Sorry about your car. It always seems like when it rains it pours, huh? And thanks for the compliment on Spunky’s picture. I think that’s my favorite. And I’m glad you liked the link to the horse bill. It is sad when they round up horses – I saw a show about a wild mustang once and how roundups affected his family.

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