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Old Photo and Even Older Footprints

Slept in pretty late this morning because I was exhausted. After that I tried to be productive by clearing out most of the messages on my cell phone. Sounds like nothing but I’ve seriously had some of these messages on my phone for over a year and my messages have been full for months and it makes people grumpy. But these were messages from Nikki and my mom and grandma and dad and birthday wishes and stuff like that so I couldn’t just delete them. So I saved them onto my computer using the voice recorder thing. It took maybe an hour or more so not very long but see, I only like doing it when other people aren’t around. So yeah, I did that while my mom was out shopping and Nikki was being super good and cleaning out her car for the trip tomorrow. So yeah, now I’m down to only 3 messages on my phone and all the others are safe and sound on my computer. Which sounds like a jinx so I’m gonna do a backup onto our hard drive later tonight. After that, Nikki went through tons of trouble trying to get her online classes all set up. Northland is totally screwing her over and there’s the possibility that she might not get to take her classes which, of course, means she wouldn’t be graduating when she’s expecting to. Please wish her luck because none of this is her fault – it’s all because Northland can’t communicate between different departments and screws over pretty much every single student that goes there unless you’re a guy jock. Anyway, while she was doing that, I worked on removing and adding songs from my mp3 player and it’s got a really nice list on it now.

After that we took Akima back to the vet since I called them earlier about her wound seeping a bit and we decided it was best to just have her rechecked. We took the pups along for the car ride and because my mom wanted us to get Rufus’ nails cut too. I tried a few weeks ago but our clippers are crap and we haven’t bought any new ones yet. So we went and a vet tech looked at her and she said it looked okay but they went ahead and put another drop of skin glue in the part that was slightly open. Yeah, and we also decided to get Akima a cone which she absolutely hates. Seriously, she is so angry. Rufus’ nails got cut though he had to go in back since he was being such a baby. When he came back he like raced across the table to me. It was funny and cute. When we were leaving I also asked the vet tech if she knew anything about my flyers since we saw there weren’t any up front. I guess they all just got taken already. Yay! I really need to make more and then get out there and put them everywhere! Anyway, she said she’d tell people about me since apparently lots of people ask them about petsitting. And then when we went to pay, she told us not to worry about it. Cool, huh? Free exam and a cone and a nail clip! The clip and cone should have cost us but it didn’t. Nikki says I charmed her or something. ^_^

After that we grabbed some french bread from Kroger and then came back. I wish we’d gotten out more today because it was gorgeous! It was 50 degrees here today! Of course, I also know that it was in the 80’s in Austin. I can hear Mac whining now. Poor her. When we got home and let Akima out it was funny because she tried to back out of her cone and just looked really angry in general. I made it worse by taking her picture and Nikki even videod her. I’m going ot be nice and not post a picture of her because then she probably wouldn’t talk to me for a long time. So instead I’ll give you an old picture of her where she’s not so… pissy.

Akima Kitten Looking All Pretty in the Sunlight

Akima Kitten Looking All Pretty in the Sunlight

Now we’re watching the Daily Show with my mom and once Winnie wakes up it’s going to be Big Bang Theory – I can’t wait! Below I have some quotes from the Daily Show.

“To us bipartisanship is them being forced to agree with us after we have politically cleaned their clocks and beaten them.” ~Rush Limbaugh at CPAC

“Our founding fathers understood that the guys with the guns make the rules.” ~NRA CEO at CPAC

“So to summarize, CPAC consisted of the deriding of veterans, open calls for presidential failure and the anhialation of an American city, all to save the United States from unpatriotic Democrats. Apparently the only time we have to love this country is when it’s controlled by Republicans.” ~John Stewart

Now I have my political opinions and I’m pretty sure they’re obvious but I don’t normally say much about it but sometimes Republicans are just the biggest morons. I know we’ve had our share of stupid people on the left (Kerry was a joke) but seriosuly, they’re just utter morons sometimes. Why would they choose some of those people to speak for them? Rush Limbaugh’s quote above got TONS of applause. Are you f*cking kidding me?! He just blatantly said that they had no intention of trying to work together with the Democrats and they all just agreed with him. It makes me upset. They’re such hypocrites. What a bunch of pansy whiners. John Stewart is awesome!

And now for a cool article I just found:

And your cause for the day (Protecting our Forests) can be found here:

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  1. Nikki Says:

    You are a sweetheart and a charmer. I gotta bring you more places. Maybe you could charm a new computer out of someone at Best Buy. ^_~

    Love you!

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