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Trouble With a Capital D!

Continuing on with my ever-present theme of randomness, I give you a FERRET!

Drake Trouble!

Drake Trouble!

This is Drake, AKA Drake Trouble. Sometimes just Trouble. Because that’s what he is. Pure and utter ferret trouble. And I love it! Of all the kids I have living with me, Drake is the one I’ve had the longest (I have an 18 year old cat living at my step-dad’s!) I got Drake like the first weekend I was back at school for my sophomore year of college (9/18/2004). An ex of mine, some friends and I went to Duluth since it’s the biggest city for hours around and stopped by Petco. At the time we already had rats and dwarf hamsters in our small dorm room so we needed supplies. When we got there we went to look at the ferrets and asked to play with them. Well, this little guy happened to be in there and we fell in love. He was such a sweety but also had a mischievous flair to him. Plus his markings are awesome! I tried to say no because I was trying to be the responsible one, but we ended up getting him anyway. His story is cool because it turns out he had been bought by someone else a week or so earlier but they had returned him that very day (just 3 hours earlier, even!) because one of the owners had an allergy. That to me says we were meant to be. Another interesting part of his becoming part of my family story? We had already planned to go to a movie and since we couldn’t leave the baby in the car, we snuck him into the movie theatre with us. That’s right! We took Drake to see Resident Evil: Apocalypse. He was a really good boy, even though he jumped at some of the loudest points. We took him home, snuck him into the dorm room, and there he lived with us for a semester until we moved off campus. Since then Drake has come to have many brothers and sisters and he loves them all – at least his ferret siblings. He’s such a good boy and Nikki and I love him to death. Drake was the first ferret that Nikki really got close to. Her first experience with him was cuddling on the floor in the bathroom where they were playing while I cleaned their cage. He was the one that made her decide that she liked ferrets. See? Every single animal came into our lives for a reason. It’s amazing when you stop and actually think about it.

Anyway, sorry this was so short. Trying to get it in under the wire here, so it’s posted today. Hopefully my life will become less hectic (doubtful) so I can write better posts and at more convenient times. Hope everyone had a good day today and will have an even better one tomorrow!

5 Responses to “Trouble With a Capital D!”

  1. Nikki Says:

    Well I liked ferrets before but I never thought I’d want one until Drake wrapped me around his finger. He gave me kisses and I was hooked. I love that Trouble.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    I have never had any experience with ferrets. They are illegal to buy or sell in California. I don’t think you’re supposed to bring them in the state either, but people do. He looks like a cute little guy though. I wonder… is his fur soft or wiry?

  3. Jess Says:

    If I revive my laptop, as in buy another battery, I’m sure I have some pictures of baby Drake if you’re interested.

  4. Mac Says:

    I might have to add ferrets to my list of pets that I want. He’s got a wild look in his eye, so you can tell he’s trouble. When I volunteered at the human society in high school, there was an albino ferret I fell in love with (and of course, couldn’t keep). He used to ride on my shoulder or I would drape him around my neck! He would just sit there too. You would never think that ferrets are that cuddly, but they are!

  5. Ash Says:

    Nikki: He’s a good ice breaker, for sure.

    Jennifer: Drake’s fur is wiry. Actually, all the ferrets I’ve had start out with soft fur but as they age is becomes more and more wiry. Drake’s whiskers, however, have always been thicker than the other ferrets’.

    Mac: Aww, that’s cute! I’m sure one day you will have a ferret of your very own!

    Jess: That would be awesome! I’d love to have pictures of baby Drake! And baby Zane! I want to get all of the pictures you have at some point – like all the hamsters and babies and such.

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